43 martyrs in Syria today and 50 martyrs yesterday (with a massacre in Homs on last day of “Eid”) – that is 93 martyrs in 48 hours – but world news shut down as normal as can be: no special reports, no well-composed articles about them, no reporting of the massacres whatsoever. These martyrs are not even worthy of reporting by media anymore.

This continues to happen in Syria by Assad regime and still people /media/journalists wont return to their minds and stop with all the fidgeting and nagging about ISIS and about the refugee crisis (which by the way 1 out of 5 of the refugees to Europe turned out to be Syrian and up to a third of the refugees are pretending to be Syrian).

Unbelievable is the world are we living in. Culprits like Assad after 5 years of the revolution, killing up to quarter a million of my people, detaining thousands in prisons, raping and executing women, maiming millions of Syrians for life, causing the primary refugee crisis since 2012 and up until now with over 3 million Syrians displaced in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, he is allowed to continue committing atrocities while the world watches.

Now people are with the new melodramatic scenario of “why did Syria begin the revolution in the first place – may God restore peace to the country”. What kind of peace? The peace of thousands of the brink of poverty, the peace of shutting eyes and deaf-ing ears, the peace of tens of thousands of Syrians exiled from Syria since 80s, the peace of thousands of martyrs in the 80s, the countless lives lost or still are in the regime’s dungeons since then up until now?

This rant in no way seeks sympathy. Sympathy did Syrians nothing but worsen their condition the way it did when they flooded Europe and media began reporting their fleeing as “purely humanitarian” rather than strictly political. Barely any media report mentioned why exactly these civilians decided to risk their lives to take refuge in Europe, and when they did mention why, they surely cited “because of ISIS”. 

There are terabytes of pain and grief that truly cannot be fit into words to write down with all what is happening in Syria and to Syrians. Neither I nor countless Syrians who used to report endlessly and write endlessly with all our hearts spilled out – not seeking proficiency but genuine solidarity for our revolution – have any faith in this world anymore.