MeccaSnapchat was probably one of the most successful social campaigns: right timing, right words said, amazing support and shares, but we Muslims ruined it ourselves.

Those Muslim tweeps who kept saying “see the MeccaSnapchat and how beautiful it is see we are not terrorists we are not all black in black”: we don’t need that.

We are not prone to continuous pathetic attempts in trying to clear our name from obvious stereotyping, Islamophobia, and propaganda. These attempts will not matter to those who know Islam well and will certainly not change the minds of those who are Islamophobic. I truly do suggest we stop defending ourselves with such a condescending manner as though we are the culprits in this world.

We do need to mature in handling the hate towards Islam; the condescending, victimized manner obviously isn’t working. Acting as a true Muslim and representing yourself as a virtuous, understanding, helpful human being, spreading what you know very well about Islam, and educating ourselves more about our religion and seeking its true essence would lead to good, gradual change as well as the beautiful campaigns such as MeccaSnapchat (except for the countless tweeps who ruined it).

But the condescending manner and the “we are good people see, how bright how nice how peaceful” wouldn’t do us good on the long term.

And what worsened the MeccaSnapchat were those Muslims who began tweeting those who were considering converting to Islam, and giving them “first-hand advice” such as “In Islam we don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t listen to music, we don’t, we don’t we don’t., women cover in Islam…”

How will the perspective towards our religion ever change if we keep desecrating our religion to the smallest bits of shallow rules that marginalize the true essence of Islam and real understanding of what God really wants from us in this life… How can we invite people to our religion when all we know are the “don’t” and very few of the “do’s” and are swaying between them in life and putting all those who do the “don’ts” in hell and those who do the “do’s” in heaven.

There is an essential wish that we must keep praying God to grant us is that He puts us to the right path first and then allows us to spread our religion in proper manner with correct priorities and in a decent image, because it is a responsibility that is often mistaken of being “a few dos and don’ts and words here and there” when in fact it is a major responsibility that must be handled in a systemic, well-planned manner – after being educated well about Islam – for true change to be seen in the future. In the meantime, the best mean to be viewed as a good Muslim is with good deeds; this needs no education whatsoever, and it touches every human heart and tackles every mind, and God never forgets any attempts we make in trying to become better…