Syrian Refugees in Ersal,Lebanon arrested by the Lebanese army - 25/9/2014
Syrian Refugees in Ersal,Lebanon arrested by the Lebanese army – 25/9/2014

[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission – Media team]

More than 400 Syrian refugees arrested/ tortured – At least 2 refugees martyred

[News in this report will be updated as soon as activists report to us.]

Lebanese Army invaded several camps in Ersal in Lebanon at 5:00 a.m. in the early morning. The camps invaded include Al Sanabel and War’a Al Jafr where most of the male Syrian refugees were arrested by the army as they set fire to many tents – which are the only shelter for the devastated Syrian refugees – burning them down to ashes and leaving the women and children to the streets. Several individual incidents of arson by the Lebanese army targeted Ra’s Al Sarj and Abu Taqeyye camps.

Collectively, up to 448 Syrian refugees – male refugees’ ages ranging from minors to elderly – were arrested and severely beat up and tortured. The Lebanese army “stacked” the Syrian refugees near their armoured vehicles, blindfolded, handcuffed, and humiliated them in front of their families. Smoke from the burnt tents led to several cases of suffocation amongst the women, children, and elderly.

Photos of mass arrests in Syrian refugee camps: (video of elderly man suffering from suffocation)

Syrian refugees expressed utter outrage and held a peaceful protest in front of Ersal’s Municipality, condemning the horrific crimes being committed against them by the Lebanese army and calling for the release of the arbitrarily arrested refugees.

Video of the protest:

After the protest, up to 30 refugees were released, their bodies bearing painful signs of torture, mostly to the head and the back.

Signs of torture on the bodies of released Syrian refugees: (photo of elderly man beat up on the head)

2 refugees, 60 year old Karam Abdul Kareem and Mahmoud Zahra were martyred after being wounded during the invasion of the camps and the savage arrests; they are in Al Hermel hospital.

Flames were spotted rising from War’a Al Jafr camp and other camps. Photos show the devastation caused by the burning of the basic belongings of the Syrian refugees. (video) (women and children without shelter) (video of the fires ignited to the camps) (photo album of fire set to camps)

Personal note:

The least that media outlets could do is to show to the international community and leaving defenseless, unarmed Syrian refugees to death, destruction, and a new exodus.

The actions of the atrocious Lebanese army is a blatant violation to most of the internationally recognized rights of refugees and the sole most important one of them all: their right of security in the country they sought refuge in.