Heart wrenching and infuriating times we have reached. The world has successfully played us into a game of “islamic” terrorism and fascist terrorism and then put the fascists – Assad regime and his allies – on the side and rather portrayed our country as “victimized by the terrorist Islamist extremists beheading us and they must be eliminated.”

ISIS solely is now a threat to our countries when Assad has carried out attacks on Lebanese and Jordanian borders and forced millions to become refugees in already corrupted countries… Killed up to 200 thousand civilians and continue to torture civilians and detain them. Hezballah burnt down Ersal’s camps to ashes and continue to arrest Syrian refugees and torture them along with Lebanese army. Iran’s revolutionary guards and thugs, thugs from Iraq… All these roam safely in Syria because they aren’t “Islamist” or wearing the scary black.

Here they come, culprits of US and Arabs to salvage our souls. They did not directly cooperate with Assad but they indirectly saved his regime and returned legitimacy to him. He is not even mentioned anymore in international communiques. It is ISIS and ISIS only terrorizing Syria and hijacking the orphaned revolution we are left with, the bits and pieces of it is now under the hands of ISIS, US, and Arabs.

Civilians will be collateral damage exactly like Iraq back in the days. And the cycle goes on again. News have already been reported today of civilian deaths as activists in KafDiran in Idlib Suburbs stated that at least 4 civilians were martyred by US strikes and up to 20 got wounded. Democratic/secular/liberal FSA brigades will come to the surface again – most of which unfortunately already are enslaved by most of the world’s countries through politicized funding – and the Syrian people, only the Syrian people will pay the price of all this.

I wish I could be with the Syrian people now. That’s all. Be with the people with new drones and warplanes striking them, a new fear hovering over their heads, and a new euphemism for one of the ways they will die as in the upcoming horrendous days: Collateral Damage.

God just help us. I probably do not understand a thing of all this (and probably all of us don’t) but all I undoubtedly acknowledge is that more of my people will die.