God protect you Ahmed. Lebanon’s culprits only fear your fearless voice and your selflessness for the Syrian refugees and the Lebanese people of Ersal.


Ahmad was known to many of us. Shame on the Lebanese government.

URGENT 18-09-2014
LEBANON – Arrest of Ahmed Al Qusair, Prominent Syrian Activist

A few hours ago, Lebanese security forces arrested prominent activist Ahmed al Qusair, a media spokesperson for Syrian Revolution General Commission and a member of the delegation in Life institute who worked tirelessly to end the recent battle in Ersal and save Syrian refugees and Lebanese citizens. Ahmed jeopardized his life after he and other delegates were attacked by gunfire during their visit to Erdal a few weeks ago.

Activists in Lebanon reported that Ahmed was beat up in front of his family (his wife and children) before being taken to unknown whereabouts by the Lebanese security forces.

If anything, this horrendous, illegal, and arbitrary arrest of peaceful activists without any charge held against them is a blatant crime and a violation of Ahmed’s rights primarily…

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