One of the photos to be displayed in the art exhibition on Saturday, 16/8/2014. - Amman, Jordan
One of the photos to be displayed in the art exhibition on Saturday, 16/8/2014. – Amman, Jordan

As painter Pablo Picasso quotes:”The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” And what more could we ask for than to wash away fractions of the death and slaughter that have overpowered us and those who care for the Syrian plight. Martyrs continue to fall as the regime’s forces continue to wage this savage horrendous war against the Syrian lives: torturing, executing, kidnapping, slaughtering, bombarding, and raping them. 

Seldom does anyone see the talents of the Syrian populace in Za’tari refugee camp in Al Mafraq province, Jordan. Yanbou’ Shabab volunteer group, with the help of UNHCR and IRD organization decided to fetch for these talents, and they succeeded.

Al Za’tari camp houses 120 thousand refugees who fled the atrocities still being committed by Assad regime and his forces. Each family fled with a story of agony and miracles to tell, a story of sufferance and death that no mind could find feasible, a story of leftovers of memories from demolished houses, schools, and playgrounds, a story of detainment, and a million other stories of losing loved ones. Out of pain and sufferance these beautifully artistic souls paint these visages and stories in colours for the world to see. Yanbou’ Shabab volunteer group gathered the talented artists and painters and asked them to portray to the world what Syria is like: its beauty, agony, death, joy, dignity, and love.

Ali Abo Mahmoud, member of Yanbou’ Shabab and one of the organizers of the event which is going to be held on the 16th of August (Saturday) in Fann Wa Chai cafe in Amman, Jordan, says:”We gathered 6 painters from Al Za’tari camp and suggested that we arrange an art exhibition, and they could not be more excited.” He adds:”Our aim is to gather each group of refugees with common interests/talents in Al Za’tari and help them send their messages and voices to the world.” 

Conditions in Al Za’tari have always been excruciating and refugees have consequently been conquered in the mayhem of every day life in a tent, worrisome of their dilemma. Activists and volunteer workers, as Ali says, want to salvage the refugees and their talents and turn them into productive individuals within groups. 

“We will continue working with Syrian refugees and help them thrive in every mean possible”, Ali adds. The next project of Yanoub’ Shabab volunteer group, which Ali is a member of, is setting up for a drama play acted by mentally retarded refugees in the camp. Do note that the art exhibition will stay opened for 2 weeks (starting from the day of opening) in order to sell the paintings; all costs go to Yambou’ Shabab volunteer group to fund orphaned children Za’tari camp and their upcoming projects.

The work Ali and his friends, along with several other groups in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, blurt out the agonies suppressed in the minds and hearts of Syrian refugees after the atrocities they have witnessed in Syria and attempt to alleviate them. Instead of leaving them lost in their pain, arts, whether knitting, painting, or mastering the recitation of Quran are all means to magnetize Syrians back into productivity. With students dropping our of their schools/universities, it is extremely vital to keep their minds occupied and to gather their dispersed social life back from bits and pieces of shattered lives into revivifying themselves again.

Your attendance to the art exhibition in Amman, Jordan is a major support to the artists. Do your part and it definitely will be a treasure to welcome you. 

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