Red Cross evacuating the wounded refugees from Ersal on 7th of August. - Ersal, Lebanon
Red Cross evacuating the wounded refugees from Ersal on 7th of August. – Ersal, Lebanon


Syrian Revolution General Commission
Syrian Refugees’ Humanitarian Crisis in Ersal, Lebanon Revealed – 7-8-2014
59 martyrs documented – Thousands in streets without shelter – Hundreds wounded


In the 5 days (2nd of August to 6th of August) of fighting in Ersal, 59 martyrs fell and were documented as follows:

-17 children

-8 women

-30 martyrs from Homs province

-14 martyrs from Damascus province

-15 martyrs from Ersal

Armed factions (ISIS and the brigade working under detained Ahmed Jum’ah) withdrew their forces from Ersal on Wednesday.

The clashes have been ceased for today as the Muslim Scholars delegation and Gen.Muhammad Kheir have finally been able to allow aid into Ersal area. At around 11:00 a.m., the Red Cross was allowed into Ersal to salvage all the wounded from Ersal’s Medical Commission and other makeshift hospitals in the area. From Ersal’s Medical Commission solely, the Red Cross took 15 injured refugees (amongst them 9 children) for treatment in Lebanon.

Muslim Scholars delegation headed to Ersal again today to continue with the negotiations to put an end to the clashes taking the lives of innocent refugees. Muslim Scholars have also supervised the entry of aid into Ersal and continue to look into the conditions of the detainees.

Despite the ceasefire, 2 sniping incidents fired by snipers stationed on Ersal’s hills were documented; in both cases, the injuries were in the legs.

The conditions of Syrian refugees are at its worst. Activist Ahmed Al Qusair, who is a media spokesperson in Syrian Revolution General Commission and also was amongst the delegates from Life Institute who accompanied the Muslim Scholars today, reported that electricity is totally cut off from Ersal. Refugees and civilians gathered in front of bakeries to buy bread. He also reported that several wounded refugees, amongst them children, had amputated limbs and were evacuated to the French Hospital in Zahleh.

Refugees still are not allowed to exit Ersal whatsoever through Ersal-Labweh road. According to activist Ahmed, most of the camps have either been partially or completely destroyed:

1] Qarrah camp completely burnt

2] Most of the camps in Ra’s Al Sarj area have been destroyed

3] Al Shuhada’a camp completely burnt

4] Other camps have been partially burnt

Due to the extremely dire conditions, about 1800-2000 Syrian refugees decided that they return back to Syria with the little luggage/belongings they have left. Sister Agnis Maryam Al Saleeb, who is known to be allied to Assad regime, has been responsible for the massive exodus of these civilians and their attempt to enter Syria. Tens of cars, buses, and pickups waited near the Al Masna’a area (near Lebanese border) in order to enter Syria and return back to their cities/villages as Lebanese security forces took information about their identities. After waiting for hours, the Syrian Assad government denied them entry back into Syria. More details about these families will be reported in the upcoming report.


Red Cross evacuates 15 injured refugees from Ersal’s Medical Commission – 7-8-2014


Syrian refugees stuck at the Lebanese borders – 7-8-2014




Photo taken by activist on 6th of August: tents of Syrian refugees burnt by the bombardment. - Ersal, Lebanon
Photo taken by activist on 6th of August: tents of Syrian refugees burnt by the bombardment. – Ersal, Lebanon

Syrian Revolution General Commission – Media Office
Humanitarian crisis in Lebanon’s Ersal as clashes continues – 6-8-2014
52 martyrs documented – hundreds wounded – most Syrian families are without shelter

No legit ceasefire has been held yet in Ersal’s camps between ISIS on a side and Hezballah and Lebanese army on the other. On Tuesday, a ceasefire was supposedly held at 7:00 p.m. [Lebanon time], it was broken at least 4 times by Hezballah forces, who bombarded several camps in Ersal as reported by activists. Despite that, the ceasefire held for a good while for the sake of salvaging all the wounded/martyred refugees, who summed up to documented 52 martyrs, including 16 children and 8 women, and over 350 other refugees wounded.

Wednesday morning, the ceasefire was broken several times too, and smoke was spotted rising from the burnt tents, which are the only type of shelter that used to house thousands of Syrian refugees. Member of the delegation, Dr.Nabil Al Halabi who works for Life Institute, reported that on Monday, the Lebanese army is the one who opened gunfire at the delegation that was heading to Ersal camps, leading to the injury of them injuries ranging between mild and severe. Dr.Nabil Al Halabi also reported that what is happening in the camps is a massacre against Syrian children and women, who make up most of the casualties.

Wednesday afternoon at around 3:00 p.m., a delegation from Muslim Scholars Body entered Ersal camps, insisting that they proceed with the negotiations to end the clashes and the aid trucks are allowed into the camps. Unfortunately, after arguments with Al Labweh town’s residents, who refused to allow the aid trucks from Insani Yardim Vafki org (iHH org) into Ersal and hurled rocks at them because of their alliance to Hezballah, the trucks headed back their tracks whilst the Lebanese army couldn’t interfere.

* [iHH released a statement condemning the hideous, illegal acts of the residents of Al Labweh and Hezballah on the following link:*

According to our activists and residents in Ersal, the bombardment and clashes are still ongoing, targeting the already burnt Ersal camps packed with over 80 thousand Syrian refugees. Despite the so called “ceasefire” held by the Muslim Scholars Body and their efforts to sustain it, the bombardment has not stopped and shells continue to target the camps of Ersal. At around 9:00 p.m., activists reported that Hezballah forces renewed their bombardment on Wadi Arnab camp in Ersal.

Thousands of families left their burnt tents and either took refuge in already packed mosques or are in park/farms close to their camps as the Syrian refugees are not allowed to flee Ersal. The medical conditions are extremely dire as the field hospitals are not capable to treat all the wounded refugees, many of whom need major surgeries to save their lives and cannot be evacuated out of Ersal.

Latest news from activists and Life Institute members report that the weak ceasefire is supposed to hold up until tomorrow, Thursday, 7:00 p.m.
–Syrian Refugees martyred by the bombardment – 6-8-2014 (Refugee Wael Al Zhouri, 17 years old) (Husain AL Rayed, from Ersal, retarded)
–Syrian refugees wounded in field hospitals – 6-8-2014

–Ersal camps being bombarded Wednesday morning – 6-8-2014

–Syrian refugees from Ersal packed in mosques/photos of tents burnt – 6-8-2014

–iHH charity organization staff and trucks not allowed into Ersal by Al Labweh town residents and Hezballah – 6-8-2014

–Footage from field hospital in Ersal showing countless casualties – 5-8-2014

–Photos of martyrs on Tuesday 5-8-2014 ( Refugee Ra’fat Abraham Al Zhouri, 12 years old) (Refugee Duha Al Jadba, 3 years old) (Refugee Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz, 13 years old) (Zakareya Al Hujairi,from Ersal,tried to flee Ersal but got wounded on 4th of August and died on 5th of August) (Refugee Female Muna Al Qasus, 37 years old)



Sheikh Salem Al Ref'ae, from Muslim Scholars delegates, wounded after Lebanese Army opened gunfire at them as they approached Ersal. - Ersal, Lebanon
Sheikh Salem Al Ref’ae, from Muslim Scholars delegates, wounded after Lebanese Army opened gunfire at them as they approached Ersal on 4th of August. – Ersal, Lebanon


Syrian Revolution General Commission – Media Office
29 martyrs since the beginning of the battle in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon’s Ersal – 2-8-2014 to 4-8-2014
More than 200 refugees wounded by the bombardment – 
Monday morning, the Life Institute negotiations – with activist Ahmed Al Qusair a member of the institute – were supposed to be held with Defense Council Secretary Gen.Muhammad Kheir to end the ongoing battle between ISIS on a side and Hezballah and the Lebanese Army on the other; unfortunately, the negotiations failed and the ceasefire that was held since 9:00 p.m (Lebanon time) on Sunday was broken and the fighting was renewed on Monday morning. Fires ignited in the camps due to the shelling. The Lebanese army and Hezballah allocated several snipers surrounding Ersal’s refugee camps, opening gunfire at several civilians, killing and wounding others. Assad regime’s helicopters hovered over the camps of Ersal.

Muslim Scholars Org sent delegates Sheikh Salem Al Ref’ae, Sheikh Jalal Kelsh, and Sheikh Salem and the Life Institute sent delegates activist Ahmed Al Qusair and Dr.Nabil Al Halabi to the camps after an alleged ceasefire from both sides, but as soon as the delegation arrived near Ersal at around 11:00p.m. (Lebanon time), they were fired at by Hezballah militias stationed in Mhneyyeh in Ersal, witnesses reported, leading to the injury of the Sheikhs and the activists. But the delegates who suffered mild wounds continued their way to Ersal’s camps. No new news has been reported yet.

More than 1,500 families have fled their tents since the beginning of the fighting. The camps are surrounded and Syrian refugees have nowhere to go. The humanitarian situation is extremely dire regarding medical supplies and provisions; several charities cited the inability to reach the affected families due to the continuous bombardment and the snipers surrounding the camps. Electricity is cut off from the camps, making conditions worse. Families who fled their tents have no shelter to take refuge once again.

Since the beginning of the battle on the 2nd of August up until 4th of August, 29 people (4 of them from Ersal), amongst them 12 children and 4 women were martyred.

On Monday solely, more than 120 injuries arrived to the Ersal’s Medical Hospital and other hospitals and 11 martyrs fell, amongst them 3 women and 4 children. 6 of the martyrs who fell on Monday were killed when their car was targeted by the Lebanese army as they were trying to drive out and flee Ersal camps. Activists were not able to upload photos of the casualties because of the lack of internet connection.

Sheikh Jalal Kelsh wounded – 4-8-2014

Sheikh Salem Al Refa’e wounded- 4-8-2014

Photo of the bombardment targeting Ersal camp – 4-8-2013



Zeyad Zahed Jammoul, child martyred during clashes on 2nd of August. - Ersal, Lebanon
Zeyad Zahed Jammoul, child martyred during clashes on 2nd of August. – Ersal, Lebanon


Syrian Revolution General Commission – Media Office
Details of the battle in Lebanon’s Ersal – 2-8-2014 and 3-8-2014
At least 11 refugees martyred – over 50 others wounded
On Saturday, the 2nd of August, the Lebanese Army arrested Emad Ahmed Jum’ah, the leader of Fajr Al Islam brigade – which was one of the most prominent brigades in fighting Hezballah forces in occupied Al Qusair in Homs suburbs – when he was in a visit to his family’s house in Lebanon’s Ersal near Syria’s Al Qalamoun area.

After Al Qusair fell in the hands of Hezballah, Fajr Al Islam brigade moved to fight the regime’s forces and Hezballah forces in Al Qalamoun area close to Lebanon. Life Institue, which is negotiating the end of the battle cited:”The Lebanese Army had no right to arrest Emad Jum’ah as he was only in a visit to his family.”

The battle between the Al Nusra Brigade and ISIS on a side and the Lebanese Army and Hezballah on the other commenced when Emad Jum’ah was arrested by the Lebanese army on Saturday. After negotiations the fighters in Fajr Al Islam brigade and John Qahwaji (head of Lebanese Army) went on until 3:00 p.m. and after Qahwaji kept postponing the time of release for hours, the negotiations were to no avail and eventually failed after Hezballah fired the first shell on Ersal’s refugee camps. The first shell was fired by Hezballah forces that are stationed in Al Labweh town, and the battle thereafter began between the two sides aforementioned.

The bombardment between both sides whilst Syria’s refugees are trapped in Ersal camps led to the injury of 43 civilians, amongst them women and children, and to the martyrdom of 8 refugees, amongst them a child and a woman, fell on the first day of fighting, Saturday. On Sunday, tens of civilians were wounded and at least 4 civilians were martyred, amongst them 2 children.

On Sunday, 3-9-2014, at 9:00 p.m. (Lebanon local time), Ahmed Al Qusair, a spokesperson for Syrian Revolution General Commission and a member of Life Institute, along with other colleagues in Life Institute were able to establish a ceasefire between all factions in order to stop the bloodshed and salvage the wounded refugees in Ersal’s refugee camps. The negotiations are led by Defense Council Secretary Gen.Muhammad Kheir assigned by Central Security Council and the Life Institute as a messenger between the General and the armed factions. Monday morning, Ahmed Al Qusair and his colleagues will be amongst the negotiators with the Lebanese army in order to put an end to the battle.

Do note that several of the refugees re-fled their shelters/houses because of the bombardment whilst the humanitarian conditions in Ersal, especially in refugee camps, are already dire. “Human Care Syria” charity organization functioning in many of Ersal’s camps estimates at least 1,200 families were forced to leave there houses in the camps.

-Martyrs – 2-8-2014: (photo of all the martyrs on 2-8-2014)

-Civilians wounded, amongst them children and women – 2-8-2014

-Civilians wounded and martyred in hospital – 3-8-2014 (a martyred girl and severely wounded boy)

-Martyrs on 3-8-2014: (martyred of a heart attack due to fear of bombardment)