Red Crescent and United Nations to deliver aid into the besieged areas of Homs -
Red Crescent and United Nations to deliver aid into the besieged areas of Homs –



Syrian Revolution General Commission- media team
At least 11 civilians/FSA soldiers martyred by regime’s mortars in 2 days (8/2/2014 and 9/2/2014)


Yesterday, 8/2/2014, near dusk time, at least 5 civilians/FSA soldiers have been martyred by the regime’s forces bombardment that targeted the UN and Red Crescent aid convoy as it was entering Old Homs to deliver the aid. Amongst the martyrs is the leader of Prophet Muhammad Followers brigade “Atb’a Al Rassul brigade”, Abu Muhammad Buhlaq. The mortar bombs led to the injury of up to 20 civilians/FSA soldiers, amongst them a Red Crescent volunteer – as reported by Red Crescent page on Facebook (

Many videos and photos were uploaded by activists yesterday, showing the mortars falling right beside UN cars at the area of evacuation. Also, after the bombardment that targeted the UN and Red Crescent convoy near dusk time, more videos were uploaded, showing several of those injured by the mortars that targeted the aid convoy as it was driving into the besieged Old districts.

Here are some of the most important videos uploaded yesterday:

* Video uploaded now shows UN cars in a route that was targeted by the regime’s forces; injured civilians being carried away:

*Videos show the aftermath of targeting the aid convoy; injuries shown; cars of UN, UN personnel, and Red Crescent personnel are all seen in the video:

*One of the wounded: Activist Abu Luay:

According to pro-regime pages run by pro-regime activists on Facebook, the bombardment was carried out by the regime’s forces and civil committees working for the regime in Wadi Al Thahab area near Homs city. Akrameh News Network reported on one of its Facebook posts yesterday:”For 2 hours now, I can hear the shells being fired from Wadi Al Thahab towards Old Homs.” We have not been able to confirm this news piece yet.


Today, 9/2/2014, at noon, the regime’s forces broke the truce again with the presence of United Nations personnel and Red Crescent, firing mortar bombs at Al Qarabees district to the area where civilians gather for evacuation and aid is prepared for entry, leading to the martyrdom of 7 civilians/FSA soldiers, 6 of them documented by name. The documented names are:

-Martyr Abdul Aziz Al Da’es
-Martyr Yahya Al Rajab
-Martyr Muhammad Nour Alwan
-Martyr Tamer Al Obaid
-Martyr Naser Mendu
-Martyr Abdul Mu’een Mahbani

*Photo of martyrs Abdul Aziz Al Da’es and Naser Mendu:

*Martyr Yahya Al Rajab:

*Martyr Tamer Al Obaid:

*Video of 5 of the martyrs killed today:

*IMPORTANT: Video shows civilians running and terrified as they walk towards the UN cars when a mortar bombs falls right at the buildings near them:

*Video shows civilians running in fear towards UN cars as sounds of explosions echo:

*Video shows civilians/FSA soldiers wounded by the bombardment:

*Video documents sounds of huge explosions as FSA soldiers prepare for civilians to evacuate:

According to activists and to the Red Crescent-Homs branch page, nearly – civilians have been evacuated from besieged districts today, most of whom are women and children.

We will update the news in this report as we receive them.