homs 1
Elderly man kissing goodbye those inside the siege as he prepares to leave. – Old Homs districts, 7/2/2014

Their emotions cannot be put in words. All those besieged for over a year and a half (609 days) leave this massive prison they were in, evacuate a siege they have been forced to survive in for such a long time, bearing with the unbearable. 

Our families inside bore all the pain for the sake of their city, they refused to leave, and some could not leave.

Now they are out, they can breath, move, get treated for their wounds, eat food other than street grass and trees’ leaves, drink clean water, meet their family members/relatives, sleep without TNT barrels and sounds of explosions and clashes, sleep peacefully, only for a while. 

This video shows a father meeting his son after a year and 7 months of siege separating the father from his family.

Only about 75 civilians, most of whom are elderly, have been evacuated from the siege in Old districts. The first batch of civilians was targeted by the regime’s forces’ gunfire according to the testimonies given by the civilians who were amongst the first batch to flee the siege.

Homs in all is a major siege. God be with everyone.

I will be writing a detailed post about the evacuation as soon as I receive all the information.

elderly man
Elderly man reaches Al Waer district after spending a year and 7 months under the siege in Old Homs district. – 7/2/2014