Kawthar Erar
Kawthar Erar

Kawthar Erar, a well-known Jordanian journalist, entered Zatari camp claiming she is a journalist wanting to interview refugees about their pre and post revolution lifestyle. Little did anyone know that she de facto works for the state Syrian TV, which aired her report

She, along with the cadre she was this, were deceitful yet afraid to the extent that she could not introduce herself as a Journalist working for fascist Assad media outlets. Primary priority of being a journalist is standing up for what you believe in and identifying your identity to say the least, but ignorant Kawthar could not dare do that in a pro-revolution community. What she has done blurts out how weak and enslaved she is; she entered a camp of 160 thousand refugees claiming to be someone she is not, then left and aired her report on Syrian TV.

In actuality, and after searching her out, it turned out that she has made several visits into Syria, composing falsified reports of what she has “observed” in cities/towns after being “liberated” by Assad militias “from armed terrorist groups”. In Al Urdun Al Arabi (Arabic Jordan) newspaper, she published a blog post  of her journey to Al Qusair, which fell in regime’s hands 3 months ago after the Free Syrian Army was forced to evacuate due to the invasion of Hezballah reinforcements into the city. She asserts that she has “interviewed” civilians in the city, who expressed relief after the blasphemic terrorist groups were exploited by the angelic regime troops. Any activist who fled Al Qusair will cite that most civilians evacuated along with Free Syrian Army, fearing that Hezballah and Assad paramilitary forces will begin slaughtering civilians in retaliation to their support of the revolution.

But, her visit to Zaatari is the peak of her forgery and hard-core pro-Assad alliance. Not exposing her identity in Zaatari camp, which houses families forced to flee Syria, is an indirect proof of her acknowledgment of the Syrian uprising.. Concisely speaking, she aimed at revealing the agonies and the hardships of refugees in Jordan and how humiliated they are in the semi-built tents they are living in, revoltingly ignoring that they were forced to flee the country because of the Assad regime war crimes waged by its troops across the country. Refugees inside the camp are not to blame; they want the world to know of the hellish conditions they are drowning in, but Kawthar is just another “journalist” whitewashing the regime’s crimes through the agonies of Zaatari’s populace and through the calls of refugees who wanted the world to hear their voices.

Her bogus report is not surprising; welcome to Assad’s propaganda media outlets, where the only required potential you must have to work for them is the ability to be a complete culprit and liar.