Photo: 4 of the martyrs killed in Teftenaz massacre.
Photo: 4 of the martyrs killed in Teftenaz massacre.


[Death toll documented up until 10:30 p.m. [Syria time]


Regime’s forces launched up to 3 consecutive warplane airstrikes over the town, targeting the last mosque left undestroyed in the town along with other buildings. The last mosque was today demolished by the bombardment.

Primarily, 5 martyrs were documented, but afterwards civilians were being uncovered from under the rubble of the buildings destroyed. Last death toll documented up until now is 11 martyrs, amongst them at least 3 children. Most of the martyrs were blown into pieces in horrific scenes; more families traumatized today.


–Photos showing martyrs/destruction: (album) (2 of the civilians martyred) (4 martyrs in photo) (martyred child missing his head) (child missing his head being pulled by FSA soldier) (martyred child)


–Martyr Anas Jarkas blown into pieces; uncovered from underneath rubble:


–Family of martyred child Muhammad Burkan traumatized:


–Civilians looking for martyrs underneath rubble:


–Video of the 4 martyrs lined on ground:


–Video of the child who lost his head moment he was uncovered:


–Civilians wounded: (elderly man wounded) (ambulance car rescuing casualties) (children wounded) (civilian wounded) (civilian wounded)


–First airstrike on the town:


–Destruction of a building; civilians trapped underneath:



Airstrikes have also targeted the town of Saqareb and TNT barrels were dropped on it too. Several houses got destroyed by the indiscriminate bombardment.


–Warplane airstrikes and TNT barrels on Saraqeb – 5/9/2013




[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]