2 of the toddlers killed in the massacre.
2 of the toddlers killed in the massacre.


Today… The memorial of Darayya massacre. 
One year on and I cannot swallow how did Assad forces hold the children and shot them as the children yelled and tried to fight back calling the names of their mothers or maybe yelling ‘Ya Allah’ (oh dear God). I don’t know how did these criminals then walk over the blood pools and move on to the next house, next family, killing children and women one after the other.

How could they snatch the toddlers from the hands of their mothers, murder them and after forcing the mother to watch them being slaughtered, they heartlessly kill her too as she wept her soul out. They indiscriminately shot the men and elderly in streets, in cars, then left them to die slowly. Which of the elderly, so honoured and respected by his grey hair, wrinkled hands and smile, humped back and lumpish strides heavied by his wretched life, thought he will ever be so dehumanized, so humiliated then killed in public?

Then, Al Dunya TV comes in with its cadre, interviewing nearly dead civilians as they lie in streets, immobile due to their wounds. The cadre steps on bodies and films them as though it is a museum, desperately trying to bring substance to their vicious channels and its stupid viewers. They cold-bloodedly danced and joked around as they interviewed civilians left inside as ‘survivors of the armed terrorists’ massacre’. 

That day solely, up to 300 civilians were uncovered. More corpses were found the couple of days afterwards, overall amounting to up to 700 civilians… 700 shattered families,700 shattered dreams, 700 shattered smiles, 700 souls all buried in heaven now.

How heartbroken have they died. How much do they wish they could rise again for one sole reason: to revenge and avenge for one another: the mother to her son, the father to his daughter, the grandparents for their grandchildren…

The regime tirelessly attempted to invade Darayya, tirelessly attempted to exterminate its civilians. Assad regime continues to try and continues to fail.

If the regime thinks we have forgotten; no. We have not. Just 4 days ago the regime launched chemical rockets on Eastern and Western Ghouta also in Damascus’s suburbs; martyrs amounted to more than 2000 as bodies still are being recovered in houses… Darayya and its martyrs make up only one of the countless atrocities perpetrated by the authoritarian, genocidal regime that will very soon pay.

رحمة الله على أرواحكم.