Photo of some of the martyrs taken in Arbeen's medical point, Damascus's suburbs. - 21/8/2013
Photo of some of the martyrs taken in Arbeen’s medical point, Damascus’s suburbs. – 21/8/2013


[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] 



Chemical weaponry targeting civilians in Eastern and Western ALGhouta’s towns, leading to massive massacre – Wednesday, 21/8/2013 [Damascus province]

[Final report composed for Wednesday, 21/8/2013]


— Syrian Revolution General Commission was able to document 646 martyrs, amongst them 33 women and 22 children, killed in the chemical weaponry massacre committed by the regime. We do note though that the death toll is much higher and we are still working on documenting the names and photos of the martyrs. This report will be updated further as information floods in from medical points and activists regarding the exact death toll.


At around 2:45 A.M in the early morning of Wednesday, the regime’s forces began heavily bombarding several areas in Eastern Al Ghouta using rocket with warheads; the bombardment specifically targeted the following areas:

1] Al Zainia area in Ein Turma town

2] area behind Najeeb station near Zamallaka town

3] area begind Krash factory in Jobar district


Tens of rockets with chemical warheads targeted the areas as the mortar bombardment did not stop until sunrise, when warplanes then launched 20 airstrikes.


Hundreds of civilians then began flooding to makeshift hospitals across the Eastern towns of Al Ghouta, noting that even the medical team got affected by the gases due to the lack of masks.

Afterwards, activists reported that huge regime reinforcements were seen on Damascus-Homs railway and on Al Adaqi railway as the regime’s forces also cut off the Damascus-Qunaitera railway near Sehnaya town. More than 15 tanks were spotted near Al Abbaseyyeen sqaure, heading towards Al Abbaseyyeen garages; a number anti-aircrafts and Shabiha (thugs) buses/vehicles were spotted too.




In Western AL Ghouta, at 5:15 A.M. in the early morning of Wednesday, Mua’dameyet Al Sham town got targeted by more than 17 rockets with chemical warheads as well as by tens of tank shelling, leading to the martyrdom of tens of civilians, most of whom are women and children. Hundreds of civilians have been exposed by the chemical weaponry.

Regime has not stopped at that extent, but also launched tens of airstrikes after sunrise, leading to the fall of tens of casualties.


Makeshift hospital documented the martyrdom of 103 civilians, amongst them 15 children and 20 women and to the chemical exposure of 625 other civilians suffering from severe suffocation. Up to 34 houses were completely destroyed and up to 25 other houses were partially damaged.

The source of the bombardment was from the 4th Division’s base and from Military Al Mazzeh airport.  Intense clashes were ongoing on all of Zamallaka’s town, specially the eastern one and the western one.


Regime’s forces have also cut off Damascus-Qunaitera railway; a huge military convoy was spotted coming from the revolutionary guard’s base; the convoy included 10 vehicles, armoured tanks, artillery, and tens of soldiers.





–Photos/videos of Zamallaka and Ein Turma:


Whole family killed by chemical weaponry:


Children suffocating to death:


Children martyred by chemical weapons:


Casualties and attempts to save them in a medical point:


Other footage of the casualties:


Taken from inside one of the medical points:


Attempts to save a toddler in the makeshift hospital:


Doctor speaking of the victims:


Tens of civilians martyred:


Survivor speaking of his exposure to the chemicals:


Zamllaka: Burial of martyrs in mass graves:


Tour in Ein Turma after the spread of the toxic gas:


Bombardment on Ein Turma:




–Photos/videos of Arbeen:


More than 30 children and 40 men and women in one medical point in Arbeen:


Failing attempts to resuscitate children:


Symptoms of victims of chemical weaponry: (suffocation) (hysteria)\


Mother looking from her children among martyrs:


Eye-witness recounting what happened after bombardment:




–Photos/videos from Douma:


Tens of martyrs inside one medical point: (children)


Attempts to rescue casualties:


Interview with one of the civilians affected by chemicals:


Child saying goodbye to his uncle:


Casualties washes by water after exposure to chemicals:


Civilians lined up for funeral procession:


Martyrs shrouded:




–Photos/videos of Harasta:


Martyred women and men in one of the medical points of Harasta: (5 martyrs amongst them a woman)


Civilians suffocating by chemical gases: (seizures)




–Photos/videos of Kufrnatmah:


More than 100 civilians were taken for treatment to Kufrbatnah, died in the town:




–Photos/videos of Jobar:


Announcment by the medical office of Jobar district:


2 children martyred; suffocated to death by chemical weaponry:




–Photos/videos of Al Mleha:


Civilians exposed to chemical gases: (children) (children) (women)




–Photos/videos of Mua’dameyet Al Sham:


Massacre; martyrs lined on floor:


Casualties on streets:


Birds killed by chemical weaponry:


Bombardment: (warplane airstrike)




–Photos/videos of Darayya:


7 martyrs and tens suffering from gas exposure (all from Mua’dameyet AlSham) taken to makeshift hospital of Daraya:




Civilians suffering from gas exposure:




–Bombardment and airstrikes on Al Ghouta’s towns after bombardment: (warplane airstrike)  (warplane airstrike) (warplane airstrike)




–More than 7 new rockets with new sound fired the night the chemical attack took place: