Latest news about our ongoing “Urgent Campaign for Damascus and its Suburbs” – composed on Friday, 23/8/2013

Thankfully, on Wednesday 21/8/2013, the first batch of urgently needed medical supplies was sent to Eastern Al Ghouta containing the following:

1] 10,000 Atropine injections

2] 2,800 Dixamid injections

3] 2,000 Hydro-cortisone injections

Two other similar medical batches will be sent in the next couple of days to Western Al Ghouta and Southern Damascus. We will also document the arrival of the first batch by photos and a form signed by the medical office inside proving that they have received it.

Another batch was also sent, containing blood bags, bandages, ostoscopes, an amount of Revanin, and other vital needs. The price of this batch is 20,000 dollars. It set off to Syria yesterday and is on its way to Southern Damascus and Western Al Ghouta. Please do note that this is an in-kind batch.

Much appreciation goes to all those who helped spread the message and donated.

We do note that none of the donators asked for their names or donations to be publicized, but for the aim of documentation and clarity, we uploaded 2 photos to this album:

1] photo showing the amount of donations and the overall sum

2] photo showing the overall bill of the amount paid for the medicines

We do note that we will upload the rest of the individual bills as soon as we have them in hand. Anyone who has donated to Hemmah Volunteer Group’s “Urgent Medical Campaign for Damascus and its Suburbs” but did not find his/her donation listed, please do contact the administrator’s page through inbox messages.

Syria grows through your support.

“Stronger Together”


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Wednesday, 21/8/2013 – News regarding the urgent campaign launched to send medical batches from Jordan to attacked areas in Damascus’s suburbs:

Thankfully and thanks to your dear efforts in urgent campaign for Damascus’s suburbs, the following has been achieved thus far:

1- 10,000 dollars have been collected for first medical batch to Eastern Al Ghouta.

2- Another 10,000 dollars have been collected for second medical batch to Western Al Ghouta.

We still are collecting donations in order to send a similar batch to southern Damascus in case the regime is intending to launch any further, abrupt, atrocious attacks against innocent civilians.

All received donations will be reported on our page [both Arabic and English] along with copies of the bills of the medicines bought.

Share this post and get in contact with the numbers [or with me if you wish through my email *letthefutureunfold@gmail.com*] seen in the voucher to donate any sum you can; massive help is needed after the horrifying chemical massacre in Damascus’s suburbs as an estimated 5,000 civilians got exposed to the gases amidst dearth in medical supplies. They need your help; they need our help.
“Stronger Together” for the sake of our children, mothers, and fathers in Syria.

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 * For more information about the chemical-weaponry massacre perpetrated by atrocious Assad regime, visit the following link:  


Photo of some of the martyrs taken in Arbeen's medical point, Damascus's suburbs. - 21/8/2013
Photo of some of the martyrs taken in Arbeen’s medical point, Damascus’s suburbs. – 21/8/2013