Photo shows some of the martyrs in Douma, taken there for treatment after being affected by chemical weaponry that targeted Zamallaka, Ein Turma, and Mu'adameyet Al Sham. - 21/8/2013
Photo shows some of the martyrs in Douma, taken there for treatment after being affected by chemical weaponry that targeted Zamallaka, Ein Turma, and Mu’adameyet Al Sham. – 21/8/2013




Massacre in Eastern AL Ghouta’s towns due to chemical weaponry – Wednesday, 21/8/2013
UPDATED until 10:45 A.M. [Syria time]
At least 400 martyrs documented up until now

At around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, regime’s forces fired rockets with chemical heads on Zamallaka and on Al Zainia area in Ein Turma. Then after around 2 more hours, the regime targeted Mua’dameyet Al Sham with rockets containing chemical warheads, leading to the fall of more casualties as the rockets hit civilian districts. Jobar district was slightly affected as the gases were driven to it by the wind. A huge number of civilians were consequently subjected to the gases, leading to the martyrdom of tens of them and the numbers continue to increase rapidly as they suffocate to death due to lack of needed medical supplies to save them.

As reported by medical points across the towns of Eastern Al Ghouta. The following death tolls have been received: [amounting to 494 martyrs in all, mostly children)
1] Hamoureyeh’s medical point: 150 martyrs
2]Kufrbatnah’s medical point: 100 martyrs
3] Mua’dameyet Al Sham’s medical point: 76 martyrs
4] Saqba’s medical point: 67 martyrs
5] Douma’s medical point: 61 martyrs
6]Arbeen’s medical point: 40 martyrs, amongst them 23 children and 17 women

Do note that the death toll is very hard to report right now as there many civilians in critical conditions in several medical points across the towns of Eastern Al Ghouta. At least 15 new victims have been taken to Al Mleha town (videos are show below in this report). Also note that after the victims were taken to other towns that include Arbin, Saqba, Jisreen, among others, for treatment, the regime’s forces began bombarding these towns using artillery and warplanes.

Symptoms of the patients include nausea, hallucinations, suffocation, hard coughing, high blood pressure, seizures, during affection and post-death gargle, etc. Still, no clue of the chemical weapon/toxic gas that was used by the regime’s forces to target the innocent civilians.

Families are fleeing the targeted areas other nearby areas as reported by activists there as they are utterly horrified. Activists also report the lack of Atropine that is usually used to treat civilians during chemical attacks by the regime; oxygen tanks are not available too. Medics are only using vinegar to the mouth and nose and are washing the bodies of the victims by water.

–Doctor speaking from a medical point in Eastern Al Ghouta, also receiving victims of chemical weaponry:
–Photos/videos of martyrs taken from Arbeen:

(21 martyred children and 8 martyred men in video solely)

(father carrying martyred daughter)

(one of the martyred children)

(one of the martyred children)

(2 martyred children)

(martyred man)

(one martyred child)|

(11 martyred children)

(a martyred child)
(2 martyred children)

(3 martyred children)

(photo of martyred toddler)

(martyred children and men on ground)

(martyred children and men on ground)

(3 martyred children; identification of martyrs beginning)

(martyred child)

–Victims of chemical weaponry:
(more than 50 martyrs in one medical point in Arbin)
(tens of martyrs on ground)
(toddler aged months killed by chemical weapons)
(child killed; elderly man crying)
(child suffocating)
(child affected; blue lips due to suffocation)
(civilians on ground)

VIDEOS (huge number of victims on ground) (children affected) (children affected; lips blue due to suffocation) (attempts to resuscitate a child) (failing attempts to save civilians) (failing attempts to save civilians)

–Bombardment on Arbin: (MEG warplane hovering over Arbin) (fires igniting) (shelling)

–Photos/videos taken from Hamoureyyeh: (tens of civilians on ground in a medical point, suffocating) (attempts to resuscitate children)

–Photos/videos from Saqba: (ambulance cars rushing to rescue victims)

(3 videos documenting martyrdom of 40 civilians in one medical point) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (doctor speaking of symptoms ) (children suffocating to death) (child suffocating to death)

Videos of casualties due to chemical weaponry used; taken inside a medical point in Saqba: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

Photos showing civilians martyrs; others suffocating to death: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

–One of rockets that targeted Saqba today; bombardment: (bombardment) (bombardment
–Photos/videos taken from a medical point in Mua’dameyet Al Sham:

(12 martyred men on ground)

(Martyred child)

(martyred child)

(child affected by chemical weapons)

(martyrs killed by chemical weaponry) (elderly man amongst martyrs) (primary footage of some of martyrs) (martyrs lined on ground)

–Bombardment on Mua’dameyet Al Sham:

–Photos/videos taken from a medical point in Jesreen: (civilians on ground; suffocating, with seizures) (one of the cases of suffocation) (attempts to save civilians suffocating) (victims, some martyred, on ground)

(tens of martyrs on ground) (some of martyrs of Jesreen) (medic crying, carrying a martyred child)

–Bombardment on Jisreen: (moment a shell fell)

–Photos/videos taken from another medical point in Kufrbatnah: (civilians terrified; tens of casualties on ground) (civilians terrified; tens of casualties on ground)

(martyred children/men/women lined on ground) (whole family martyred) (martyrs lined on ground; most children)

(children mostly/men affected by chemical weaponry; failing attempts of resuscitation due to lack of medical supplies) (toddler suffocating to death) (makeshift hospital packed with civilians)

–Bombardment on Kufrbatnah:

–Photos of new mass of victims arriving to Al Mleha town: (no martyrs reported from there yet)
16 young men, 6 women, and 2 children

(victims of chemical weaponry) (children) (children)