God ya alah help them.

Bless you xx


Today we decided to take a different route away from the areas we covered previously. We went to X, an area known to be very poor and that was previously known as the hub for Lebanese crime however it is now bubbling with Syrian families. We met a young lady working hard with the displaced, she herself is displaced and has martyrs and orphans in the house. We went to see two widows who arrived recently from Alqusair.

They turned out to be from my home town Baba Amr from the area of Alsultaniyeh. Both their husbands were killed. One had 5 children including a new born baby and the other had 6 children. The third sisters husband was alive however injured in the head by a shell and so there was no income. They were found to be living in a house that was not finished in terms of…

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