Child Sari Al Azhari - 4 years old.
Child Sali Al Azhari – 3 years old.

Child Sali Al Azhari, killed along with her parents by an airstrike on their house in Old Homs’s districts. 13/6/2013

She survived one whole year under the occupation and siege by the regime’s forces, under the constant bombardment by the regime’s forces, under the TNT barrels, tank shells, rockets, and all other wars waged against them whilst they suffer inside. Sali probably wished to have all types of candy a child wishes to have, probably wished to enter kindergarten and make new friends, probably wished to live a life just like every other child with an utmost concern of what dress should I buy for my Barbie doll.

Today she was killed, and again how much pain does it afflict upon us to see a soul supposedly so lively and blissful now dead, leaving behind a lifeless body on a bloodied hospital bed like that.

Her 2 and half year old brother is barely alive, and if he hopefully survives his wounds, imagine the pain he must bear with as he grows up an orphan, so lonely in this bitter world.

It is happening every day, in Syria, not solely in Homs. But not all Syria has been under siege for over a year, surviving hunger, thirst, cold, the lack of electricity, and constant, indiscriminate bombardment and destruction everywhere.

Sali survived all this for over a year, she was probably just too exhausted to endure any more. Heaven is your Home…


 * Martyrs are:

Sari Al Azhari – 34 years old
Wife Huda Al Aji – 24 years
Child Sali Al Azhari – 3 years old


الله يرحمكن.