One of the martyrs extrajudicially executed by the regime's forces. - 21/4/2013
One of the martyrs extrajudicially executed by the regime’s forces. – 21/4/2013


[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]

NEW MASSACRE in Jdedet Fadel in Damascus’s suburbs. More than 100 martyrs have been documented, all either tortured/burnt then extrajudicially executed by the regime’s forces invaded the town. Amongst the martyrs are women and children too.
Activists just reported that 28 new corpses have just been found in one of the hospitals inside the town. Amongst these 28 martyrs are 3 women and 3 children. They were found along with tens of other corpses all burnt but have not been precisely counted up until now.
Communication is cut off from the area along with water and electricity. Up until now, only 3 videos and a few photos have been uploaded by the activists in the area in order to document a fraction of what is happening.

The videos show corpses of some of the martyrs. Some of the were severely beaten on the head, causing it to crack open. Others had bruises all over their face, confirming that several of them have been tortured prior to their execution by the regime’s forces and Shabiha (thugs).


–Videos of the massacre +18



MORE details must be reported in a while but this is more than enough to be covered by media outlets.



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