Refugees have been flooding into countries bordering Syrian, specially into Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. These forcibly displaced civilians suffer from one plight that changes form, some are wounded, others suffer from chronic diseases and psychological disturbances, and the list of tragedies and agonies is limitless. But, have we ever considered looking into the plight of those who come in wounded by the indiscriminate bombardment targeting Syrian cities/towns/villages? These wounded refugees suffer from harrowing pain and must undergo much therapy to recover from their wounds, most of which are very severe and sometimes life-altering. 

In an attempt to stand by the wounded refugees in Jordan, “This is My Life” voluntary group launched a campaign called “Your Are in Our Hearts”, which aiming to aid the wounded refugees in particular, offering means of support to them. The group is working on offering apartments for the patients and their families after they leave the hospital, on paying for recovery costs, and on planing trips for the patients in order to relieve their stress and allow them to spend a few joyful hours away from hospital rooms.

On the first trip conducted on the 7th of March, 2013, the group members payed a visit to the Islamic Hospital of Amman, carrying bags containing self-care products, such as toothbrushes, pajamas, razor blades, and underwear for the male patients to be able to take good care of themselves during their lengthy, distressing time to be spent in the hospital.

The members roamed around the rooms that held from 4 to 6 patients separated by curtains. The conditions of the patients varied; some of them were suffering from server wounds that caused them handicaps, such as paralysis or eye loss, others had their limbs amputated, and a few suffered from psychological disturbances and were very much unresponsive. 

Some of the patients’ conditions are heart-breakingly helpless. such as the child in minute 13:29, who entered a comma and lost much of his toes. The young man in minute 10:34, who is from Daraa, barely, if ever, talks, according to his brother speaking. He says:

“As you can see, he never speaks by now. He rarely replies to my questions. Every night, the patient beside him moans in pain, and when my brother looks at him, his psychological condition worsens.”

As seen in the video below, family members related to the patients spend all their day caring for their relatives, which indeed is very tiring and difficult. For instance and as observed by the group members, children accompanying some of the wounded also were impassive…

There is no room to speak of the countless wretched conditions in the hospital, but the need for support is urgent and massive. These families come into Jordan with no money to spend for living. The patients, along with their families, need financial support to sustain them during their sit-in in the hospital and after they leave it. Psychological support is also urgently required for several of the patients. Physical therapy is lacked too, and patients whose conditions become stable are released from the hospital in order to leave room for other patients to come in. 

Therefore, “This is My Life” voluntary group has launched “Your Are in Our Hearts” campaign: for the sake of those who have sacrificed their own blood and parts of their own body to free our homeland. They indeed are in our hearts, and you can help support them too. Look into their bright eyes and their wide smiles; they put their hope in you and me. Wounded Syrian refugees in Jordan and elsewhere need you; do not let them down.



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