[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] 

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At least 20 martyrs fell in 2 separate massacres, one in Talkalakh and the other in Krak Des Chevaliers

– Details about Talkalakh massacre:

The regime’s forces have attempted to invade the city of Talkalakh from the western side, but failed due to the fierce defense exhibited by the Free Syrian Army soldiers, who eventually succeeded in prohibiting the regime’s forces from invading the area.
Today, the regime’s forces, and in retaliation to the battle they lost yesterday, committed a horrific massacre in Al Burj district, which is under their control, and executed civilians using knives then cut their limbs off. Do note that amongst the 13 martyrs are at least 7 women and at least 3 children, who surely were defenseless and unarmed, yet have been brutally and inhumanely executed. The martyrs documented are:

– Martyred female Sabah Owaid
– Martyred female child of Sabah Owaid
– Martyred female Fatmeh Kdalem / aged 37
– Martyr Khaled Hanouf / aged 25 / son of Hasan Hanouf who got killed under torture in regime’s dungeons a year ago
– Martyred mother of Khaled Hanouf, female Nujoof Al Khateeb
– Martyred female Badreyyeh Murad / wife of Abdul Naser Murad
– Martyred female child of Badreyyeh Murad
– Martyr Nabeel Murad
– Martyred wife of Nabeel Murad
– Martyred children of Nabeel Murad (number not documented yet), one of them retarded
– Martyred female Menwah Al Jabouri / wife of Khaled Owaid
– Martyr from Al Qindaqji family / was heading for kidney dialysis in Talkalakh hospital / was killed near the hospital
– Unidentified martyr / because his head has been separated from his body and his body severely mutilated



– Details about Krak Des Chevaliers massacre:

In another appalling massacre committed today, 11 lives were lost, including one of the most prominent activists in the suburbs of Homs, martyr Waleed Al Jalakh, as the regime’s forces continue to attack media activists, killing them in all means possible in order to bury the truth. The martyrs also include a Free Syrian Army commander and a martyr from Douma, Damascus’s suburbs. 9 of the 11 martyrs have been documented. They are:

– Martyred FSA commander Ahmed Orwah Al Zo’bi
– Martyred media activist Waleed Khaled Al Jalakh
– Martyr Mohammad Bin Nashwan Al Hosni
– Martyr Hassan Ahmed Staif
– Martyr Khaled Mahmoud Jnad
– Martyr Ali Al Durrah / from Talkalkh
– Martyr Mohammad Mahmoud Awwad Al Maqlab / from Al Zarrah town
– Martyr Abu Jawad Al Dumani / from Douma, Damascus
– Martyr Isa Ahmed Ghareeb
– Martyr whose name has not been confirmed yet
– Martyr whose name has not been confirmed yet