daraa burial

[report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]

A huge number of the regime’s forces, reinforced by anti-aircrafts, invaded the town after Friday prayers and began hysterically opening gunfire using machine guns and anti-aircrafts and began targeting anything that moves. A number of motorbikes and cars were set to fire and smoke was spotted billowing from the area near the northern mosque of the town (Al Aswad mosque). The regime’s forces have then killed a number of civilians.


* Up until now, 4 martyrs have been documented; they are:

– Martyr Muhammad Ahmed Mahameed

– Martyr Ahmed Mjareesh

– Martyr Sulaiman Al Qadeh

– Martyred female Reham Yousef Abdul ghaffar Al D’ebes

-Civilian Faour Ali Al Ali is severely wounded and is barely alive. Many reports say he has been martyred; no confirmation yet.


–Car burnt by regime’s forces:

–Martyrs buried:

–Daraa: car where Sulaiman Al Wadeh got killed: