[report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]

22/1/2013 - Destruction in Jobar -
22/1/2013 – Destruction in Jobar –

For the 4th day in a row, the regime’s forces continue to bombard the districts of Jobar and Al Sultaneyyeh and Kufrayah village using warplanes and helicopters as the on ground bombardment is still on, carried out by rocket launchers and heavy artillery. Several internationally-prohibited phosphoric and cluster bombs were also dropped on the area, targeting up to 30,000 displaced civilians and residents in these 3 areas. Several families took refuge in unaccommodated shelters lacking food, water, warmth, and the most basic needs for survival; the humanitarian conditions they are in are extremely distressing and most of the displaced civilians are children, women, and elderly.


The Free Syrian Army in the area continue to fight back the relentless and ongoing attempts by the regime’s forces to invade the area and take control of it. More than 10 tanks loaded on special vehicles headed to Bab Amr district on Al Jeser road whilst helicopters were hovering over Homs. Up until now, no martyrs fell today. But, the only makeshift hospital covering all 3 areas is packed with wounded civilians in critical conditions; they are not getting the urgently needed treatment for medical equipment is scarce and the medical cadre is small and cannot bear with the huge number of wounded civilians. Do note that many of those wounded are women and children too.


–Warplane bombardment:

http://youtu.be/kzI2nkWTkMg (phosphoric)








–Kufrayah: civilians running away:



–Kufrayah: Civilians packed in shelters: