Flesh of one of the martyrs killed by the airstrikes on Darayya today.
Flesh of one of the martyrs killed by the airstrikes on Darayya today.

5 unbelievably distressing massacres have been committed by the regime’s forces in Damascus’s suburbs in a few hours. Death toll according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission in Damascus and its suburbs up until 10:15 p.m. [Syria time] is 58 martyrs, and the death toll is very much likely to rise since the bombardment and airstrikes still are targeting much of the towns in Eastern Al Ghouta in Damascus’s suburbs along with other towns. Why is the United Nations meeting now? One question I keep asking myself; 20 months and the United Nations with its 194 nations could not halt the violence and atrocities being committed by one bloody atrocious Assad government that killed 60,000 civilians and the death toll keep rising by the minute. Civilians were completely burnt in Qatnah, slaughtered in Douma, buried under the rubble of bombarded houses and a makeshift hospital in Darayya, and the list does not end. So much rage inside of me, inside of the Syrian people and my words are unworthy compared to the tears and rage in the hearts of the families of all these martyrs, of the children who lost their parents, of the children burnt and buried underneath their own houses, of the mothers who kissed their husbands and children the last goodbye. This world is a joke, a craven rotten core wearing a “human rights” clothe. No matter what the United Nations come up with, it will not be tantamount to the pain and agony my people have been undergoing and living, second by second, minute by minute, and day by day for 20 consecutive months of bloodshed, destruction, and fear. 

An activist told me a few hours ago “Darayya is being literally exterminated now”. And I say “Syria is being literally exterminated. 

[ALL reports below in this blogpost have been composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]


1] Massacre committed by the regime’s forces in Douma city in Damascus’s suburbs – 18/1/2013
12 civilians extrajudicially executed
The regime’s forces committed a horrible massacre against civilians, killing 12 civilians after arresting them in Adrah city. They were mutilated and severely tortured. One of the martyrs is without a head.

–Martyrs +18

–Burial of the martyrs:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_brSli0Bs0 (martyrs taken for burial)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZDZ7vcWOvg (prayers for the martyrs)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJJ_RvJrhGc (prayers for the martyrs)

–Civilians speaking of the massacre:


* Martyrs documented:

– Martyr Ahmed Al Halabi / Deir Al Asafeer

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:

– Uidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr / without his head

– Unidentified martyr:

– Unidentified martyr:


2] Massacre due to airstrikes on Arbeen, Damascus’s suburbs – 18/1/2013
3 martyrs fell, amongst them a woman and a female child


Warplanes launched 2 airstrikes on residential buildings in the city of Arbeen, leading to the martyrdom of 3 civilians: 4 year old female child a woman, and a man, and more than 20 other civilians got wounded, most of them children.
Despite the bombardment and the very hectic conditions the city lived and still is living after the injuries and the martyrdom of the 3 civilians, they held a protest, expressing utter steadfastness despite it all.


* Martyrs:

– Martyred female child Lana Alaa Al Musalamani / aged 4 / killed by a 20cm shrapnel that hit her neck.

http://youtu.be/izbml0MnW7U (attempts to save the child)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swhitzHjvWE (attempts to save the child)

– Martyred female Etaf Hashem / aged 45
– Martyr Maher Muhammad Raja’a Al Sheikh Quwaider / aged 30


–Civilians wounded by MEG23 bombardment:

–Toddler survived the airstrikes:

http://youtu.be/JJBYb-A83nQ (1st airstrike)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7iKE94ge-I (1st airstrike)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KILbC4V6BiU (2nd airstrike)


–Warplanes in sky:


–Protest in Arbeen:


3] Massacre committed by the regime’s forces in Darayya, Damascus’s suburbs – 18/1/2013

Tens of civilian martyred after makeshift hospital got bombarded – casualties still trapped under rubble


The regime’s forces have committed an extremely horrific massacre in Darayya after they bombarded the makeshift hospital in the city by tens of rockets, leading to the martyrdom of tens of civilians [amongst them women and children], to the partial destruction of the hospital’s building, and to the complete destruction of another building.

–Martyrs under rubble:
http://youtu.be/7lLAaIfPYh0 (important)

–Building collapsed:

–Bombardment by rockets:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94g4ysN4qVs (important)
http://youtu.be/r8hyXC72BGI (important – cluster bombs dropped)




–Attempts by the regime’s forces’ tanks to invade the city:


* Martyrs documented up until now:

– Martyr Khaleel Hurani:

– Martyr Muhammad Ali Al Emam:

– Martyr Abdo Abo Omar:

– Martyr Mahmoud Al Nakkash:

– Martyr Mahmoud:

– Unidentified martyr:


4] Massacre committed by the regime’s forces in Mida’a in Damascus’s suburbs – 18.1.2013
15 martyrs fell, amongst them a mother and her 3 children
More than 4 airstrikes hit the village bombing a gathering of children playing in the street and targeting residential areas near Mida’a mosque, leading to the martyrdom of at least 15 civilians and the injury of dozens.

— Footage of martyred children

— Injured child

— Injuries

— Photo of an unidentified martyr


* Martyrs documented:

– Martyr Hani Muslem Shahadeh:

– Martyr Muhammad Arafat Arafat:

– Martyr Jebreel As’ad:

– Martyred female child Hana’a Mahmoud Ghazawi:

– Martyred female Eman Jahed Allah:

– Martyred child / name not received yet / son of martyred female Eman Jahed Allah:

– Martyred child of Eman Jahed Allah / name not receieved yet

– Martyred child of Eman Jahed Allah / name not received yet

– Martyr Hekmat As’ad As’ad

– Martyr Muayad As’ad As’ad

– Martyr Mahmoud Jebreel As’ad


5] Massacre in Qatnah in Damascus’s suburbs – 18.1.2013

7 civilians killed and completely burnt in their own farm


In Qatanah, regime forces extrajudicially executed 7 people in their farm in Ein Alaeet area and then burnt them and their houses. No videos or photos have been received yet, but activists confirmed that the martyrs are completely burnt.


* Martyrs:

– Martyr Ali Abdullah Jumaa Al Ya’fouri – 23 years.
– Martyr Ahmed Abdullah Jumaa Al Ya’fouri – 26 years – married and has two children.
– Martyr Khaled Jamil Moumneh.
– Martyr Ahmed Khaled Moumneh.
– Martyr Hisham Al Rakhalani -63 years.
– Martyr Ayman Hisham Al Rakhalani -27 years.
– Martyred shepherd whose name is unknown yet / originally from the town of Jbata Al Khashab.