Full-scale attack waged by the regime’s forces against Homs province [up until 9:00 p.m. [Syria time] – 16/1/2013 and 15/1/2013 [15/1/2013 massacre reports are below]
Escalation against the province – many massacres committed
50 martyrs up until 9:00 p.m. [Syria time] on 16/1/2013, amongst them 12 women & 16 children
62 martyrs, amongst them 2 women & 3 children on 15/1/2013

[Report was composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] 


———- 16/1/2013
* Rastan:

The regime’s forces have been extensively bombarding the city using cluster bombs, helicopters, Sukhoi warplanes, and artillery since yesterday night up until now. The bombardment is being carried out by the regime’s forces stationed in Al Handaseh brigade and Al Meshrafeyyeh area. The bombardment led to the martyrdom of 6 civilians and to the injury of many others. One whole district got destroyed due to the bombardment. There is a severe scarcity in medical supplies and the underequipped makeshift hospitals aren’t capable of dealing with the massive number of wounded civilians and with the critical injuries of many of them. The martyrs documented are:

– Martyred First Lt Muhammad Al Dali

http://youtu.be/cuzFYydiGRg (family members speaking in cemetery)
http://youtu.be/0B0YBNZ-qd4 (family members speaking in cemetery)

– Martyred female Maryam Al Muqaddam / aged 70

– Martyr Ahmed Al Fares / aged 72

– Martyr Ali Al Ashqar / aged 65

– 2 unidentified martyrs / their bodies exploded into flesh and unable to identify
–Martyrs killed by shelling:

–Burial of martyrs:

–Civilians being pulled out of rubble:

–Makeshift hospital packed with wounded civilians:

–Conditions of civilians:

http://youtu.be/WlLFaYoEbEg {MEG bombardment}


–Father’s farewell to martyred son:

–Martyr Hesham Al Turkmani / mother saying goodbye:

–Martyr Bashar Turkmani:

* Al Dar Al Kbereh:

The town got subjected to extensive bombardment carried out by the regime’s security and army forces, leading to the martyrdom of Husni Al A’li.

–Martyr Husni Al A’li:

–Civilians wounded:

–Civilians fleeing the bombardment:

* Eastern Al Buwayda village:

Helicopter and MEG23 warplanes launched airstrikes on the town using rockets of high destruction abilities and using cluster and phosphoric bombs. Many civilians got consequently wounded and the conditions in the makeshift hospital are extremely horrible. At least 2 martyrs fell; they are:

– Martyr Muhammad Mahmoud Bakkar

http://youtu.be/3D2I4OyeQPI (sons of martyr Muhammad Bakkar)
http://youtu.be/Wa8ssEib2jg (burial)

– Martyred female Ammoun Muhe Al Deen Sattouf
–Civilians wounded:



* Al Qusair:

Helicopters hovered over the city as the artillery and rocket bombardment extensively targeted the city and the border-line villages. Explosions shook the whole area and much houses were destroyed. Several civilians got wounded and 2 young men got martyred; they are:

– Martyr Mahmoud Husain Shahadeh

– Martyr Duraid Ahmed Amer

–Civilians wounded:

* Al Waer district:

The regime’s security and army forces invaded Al Qawwas and Al Shuhada’a areas coming from the farmlands of Homs close to Al Husweyyeh village. They arrested several civilians [reportedly 8 civilians) and broke into a number of houses and burnt them down. Smoke was spotted billowing from the district. The regime’s Shabiha (thugs) from AL Mz’rah area have also invaded new Al Waer district and began opening gunfire indiscriminately. Civilians and refugees are in utter terror and there are true fears that they will be committing massacres in the extremely heavily-populated district.



* Al Hasweyyeh village [updates of the massacre that took place yesterday; in 15/1/2013, previous report is included]

The family of Mehbani has been massacred in the latest “execute-burn” massacre which took place on 15/01/2013 costing the lives of more than 60 civilians, most of the family members are ones who were residents of Alqarabees neighborhood before being pushed out due to brutal shelling. They had been seeking refuge in the fields near Alhasweya village.

The names arrived thus far for the Mehbani families are:

– Waleed Mehbani, his wife, his son, his daughter, his mother = Executed and burnt

– Tamer Mehbani, his wife and 4 children = Executed and burnt

– Female Fatima Mehbani = Executed and burnt

– Female Huda Mehbani = Executed and burnt

– Sameer Mehbani, his wife and 2 children = Executed and burnt

The rest of the family are being looked for as they are missing and expected to have also died in a similar way.


————- 15/1/2013


* Al Hasweyyeh village:

9 families executed and burnt in a new massacre in Homs, Syria. 15/01/2013

As shelling continues onto many parts of Homs today, regime forces gathered in large numbers near the Mesyaf highway opposite the Dar Alkabera village and towards Alhasweya village. Alhasweya village was then stormed. This area has residents [local] and also displaced civilians from around. The storming campaign came with an excuse they wanted to “search the area” despite them knowing this area has had no clashes or armed groups inside, it is just local residents and refugees.

Regime forces then executed 9 families at minimum and burnt them, including women and children:

– Family of Samir Za’rour, made of 4 persons
– Family of Abu Ali Ghalol, made of 9 persons
– Family of Abu Riyadh Ghalol, made of 5 persons
– Family of Abu Hamza Alshaikha, made of 4 persons
– Family of Abu Hamza Alshaikha’s daughter, made of 3 persons
– Family of Sameer Almazra’, number of persons unknown
– Family of Shtewi, number of persons unknown
– Family of Khazam, 17 members
– Family of Alsaho, made of 7 persons
– Ahmad Alshab’an, 1 person
– Adnan Farhat, 1 person

In total there are over 55 persons, including women and children, executed and burnt.
– The homes of Wabwaki and lands were burnt
– Several homes were looted with a main aim for gold.


*Al Houleh:

The regime’s forces have committed a massacre since they have been bombarding the city extensively since the early morning using mortars and artillery, targeting it indiscriminately from all sides and from the military bases stationed in Kherbet Al Soudeh area. The bombardment led to the martyrdom of 13 civilians, amongst them 8 children. Most of the martyrs are displaced civilians. Tens of other civilians got wounded, some of them severely wounded.

* Martyrs:

– Martyred child Sabah Ahmed Al Hallaq
– Martyred female child Yousef Al Hallaq
– Martyred female child Sameerah Yousef Al Hallaq
– Martyred child Yousef Ahmed Al Hallaq
– Martyred female child Rasha Muhammad Al husain
– Martyred female Amneh Al Akesh
– Martyred child Bashar Mahmoud Alloush
– Martyred child Alaa Al Qadi
– Martyr Ahmed Askar Ja’far / aged 29
– Martyred child Abdullah Askar Ja’far / aged 17
– Martyr Abdul Kafi Hajjo / aged 55
– Martyr Jum’ah Al Qasem

* Footage:

–Martyrs +18

http://youtu.be/iEvxfopgl3Q 1
http://youtu.be/JlzclofhqPc 2
http://youtu.be/fZI2vkA1E-A 3
http://youtu.be/jBTL9M9nAgU 4
http://youtu.be/hgayfHARhFQ 5

–Martyred brothers Ahmed and Abdullah Ja’far:

–Martyrs Ahmed Askar and Abdullah Askar:

–Martyr Abdul Kafi Hajjo: