God how much they have suffered. I swear no one but them know the last moments they lived.


9 families executed and burnt in a new massacre in Homs, Syria. 15/01/2013

As shelling continues onto many parts of Homs today, regime forces gathered in large numbers near the Mesyaf highway opposite the Dar Alkabera village and towards Alhasweya village. Alhasweya village was then stormed. This area has residents [local] and also displaced civilians from around. The storming campaign came with an excuse they wanted to “search the area” despite them knowing this area has had no clashes or armed groups inside, it is just local residents and refugees.

Regime forces then executed 9 families at minimum and burnt them, including women and children:

– Family of Samir Za’rour, made of 4 persons
– Family of Abu Ali Ghalol, made of 9 persons
– Family of Abu Riyadh Ghalol, made of 5 persons
– Family of Abu Hamza Alshaikha, made of 4 persons
– Family of Abu Hamza Alshaikha’s…

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