Muadameyat sham 14 1 2013

A horrific massacre was committed by the regime’s forces in Mua’dameyat Al Sham after their warplanes launched airstrikes directly on residential houses using thermobaric bombs, leading to the complete destruction of one whole district and to the martyrdom of at least 20 civilians, amongst them 2 whole families; most of the martyrs are children and women. Tens of civilians got wounded as well and hospitals lack the most basic needs and the most basic medicines. Many of the injured civilians are severely wounded.


* Martyrs documented up until now:

– Martyred child Muhammad Emad Al Dumrani / aged 6 months

– Martyred female child MAryam Emad Al Dumrani / aged 6 months
– Martyred child Muhammad Zeyad Al Dumari / aged 9 months
– Martyred child Muhammad Eyad Al Dumari / aged 14 years
– Martyred child Ahmed Eyad Al Dumrani / aged 12 years
– Martyred child Mahmoud Eyad Al Dumari / aged 9 years


–Footage after the strike occurred:

–Martyrs being pulled out of the rubble:

–Martyred children:

–Children wounded:

–Photos of martyrs:

–MEG airstrikes on residential areas:



[Report belongs to the Syrian Revolution General Commission]