Yesterday,13/7/2012, was the memorial of the martyrdom of Huda Ghalya’s family after Israeli forces killed 7 of her family members on Gaza’s seashore. Still, 3 years after their martyrdom (in 2006), she  finds difficulties coping with her friends, studying, and even doing the most basic functions ever.

I clearly recall when Al Jazeera interviewed her few days after the incident; she was very unresponsive and Al Jazeera had a psychologist on the other line. She was being asked several questions by the anchorman man, but she only replied with a couple of words. She seemed very disoriented and distracted. No wonder, as I can imagine how the flashbacks keep replaying in her mind; the moment she saw her family, the moment she crashed, the moment she felt her heart is going to pump out of her chest, the moment her voice just vanished because of how much she screamed, as if anyone was going to hear her…

Just imagine, for one minute, the countless children who witnessed the slaughter and killing of their whole families right before their eyes in Syria. The amount of pain in Syria is unimaginable; the pain is literally inconceivable. We have at least 15,000 men martyred; approximating that half of them married, we end up having more than 10,000 orphaned children. We have at least  +800 martyred females, and many more children orphaned. There are at least 100,000 adults, both men and women, missing  in Syria and no one knows anything about their whereabouts; enforced disappearances in Syria is in actuality being lost forever in most cases except for the lucky ones. More orphans amount. More psychological traumas. More agonies and pain.

These mere “statistics” do not include the countless parents who lost their own children, killed right before their eyes as well. This world is a true disgrace and its people have betrayed all these great children by neglecting them. At least 1,100 children got martyred in Syria since the beginning of the uprising. Palestinian children and minors are the supreme target to the Israeli army as these children “are the threat” to all colonialist powers, a characteristic both Zionists and Assads share: they both are colonialists and our children are their most significant targets.

The massacre that took place yesterday in Tremseh, Hama, has been called a “reminder” by Annan, saying that the UN must recognize that this is a reminder that Assad has not halted the bloodshed. Our martyrs, our brave men, have been called a “reminder”. We always watch the videos of the martyrs, but we never see the one standing behind the camera; we never see the countless women and children sitting beside the martyr, mourning their loss… We never see the children crying and weeping, being calmed down by their own traumatized mothers. We do not spend the sleepless night with all the tormented families. Tremseh massacre took the lives of men who have children and women that need their support and care. No power in the whole world, no matter who be it, can be able to make these children forget the moment they kissed their fathers the last goodbye. 

I wanted to write about Tremseh massacre to tell the details of the massacre in chronological order, but then I remembered that Houda Ghalya’s life-changing, horrific incident happened yesterday. Her remembrance just made me pause as her video staggeringly relates to what I watch in my city Homs and across Syria every single day. 

I want Syria to become a better place for our children the way I want Palestine to be a better place for Her children as well. Our struggle has always been one. We share the same ground and our martyrs are in the same heaven. No matter how long our revolution takes and no matter how long Palestine must still wait, we have proven that no force in this whole world can defy our invincibility and steadfastness. Our children will be made to forget all the pain when they share the happy moments of victory and aid in building their own houses, schools, and content memories again. It is a long, long journey ahead of us.