As the international community is still advertising for Annan’s pathetic, failure plan, more civilians are being slaughtered and several villages, towns, and cities are being subjected to some brutal military campaigns every single day. The death toll daily cannot not exceed 70. More than 4 children are being mercilessly killed every single day. Yet again, my city Homs has the highest death toll ever as both the city and its suburbs are being bombarded by rockets, tanks, helicopters, and mortars for the +33 days in a row. According to the Syrian Revolution General Commission, the death toll for Wednesday is detailed as the following (may they rest in heavenly heaven):

Death toll for today, Wednesday, is 70. Most of the martyrs are in Homs and Damascus suburbs. Amongst the martyrs are  4 children, 3 women, and 17 defectors.

-Homs : 15 martyrs, from them 2 soldiers are the rank of sergeant first, female’s and 3 children.

-Damascus suburbs : 13 martyrs, from them a defector

-Idlib : 10 martyrs, from them 9 defectors

-Dara : 7 martyrs, from them 4 defectors

-Aleppo : 5 martyrs, from them 2 children, and 2 defectors

-Deir Ezzor : 5 martyrs, from them 2 female

-Hama : 6 martyrs

-Lattikia : 5 martyrs

-Alraqqa : 1 martyr

-Other nationality : 1 martyr

All videos and stories deserve to be addressed and talked about, but this one particular story just shattered by heart. A mother in Rastan, Homs lost 2 of her children today when a shell fell on their house. In the videos, she is seen, hugging them and checking their bodies as she searches for the injuries they sustained. In the first video with her first child, Noor, she attempted to wake him up, yelling her child’s name stridently:”Noor, Noor my dear son” as the tears are carving her cheeks. In the second video, while she was checking her son’s injuries and weeping hysterically, she held a piece of meat and it turned out to be her child’s leg, shredded because of the impact of the shell.

Put in mind that this happened today whilst I and you were probably having lunch or having a cup of coffee or crying over the most boorish issues ever.

What can I say… This is not even plausible anymore. How can she continue her life with 2 of her children martyred and the 3rd wounded. How can it ever be bearable to recall the moment she grabbed her child’s leg in her hand and looked at it, stunned by the flesh shredded and dangling from it.

No words can describe these feelings and nothing can heal her pain or make her forget. Nothing.
Revenge is the only mean to soothe the fury and rage in her heart. 
Every mother is my mother, father, and relative are of my own and their pain is my pain. No matter how long the Syrian Revolution will take to prevail, I will never normalize with these massacre and will never allow myself to. All the martyrs’ faces I have seen since the very beginning are carved in my mind and heart; I sleep and wake up with their voices, cries, and screams echoing in my head. 

It is extremely exasperating to see all these Syrians and Arabs living outside just as desensitized as the the international community is. It’s such a disgrace that many have already normalized with such crimes although our revolution began only a year and 3 months ago. What if the revolution took longer? What if the situation continued like this for yet another year? The world will stay like this, as ignorant as ever? Why hasn’t Muslims around the world come down to the streets and demanded to stop the bloodshed the way thousands came down when the Danish artist drew characters of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? Why hasn’t the world moved, I still do not get it. The +16,000 deaths aren’t enough? The +500,000 refugees aren’t enough? Tens of thousands injured aren’t enough? Thousands of rape victims aren’t enough?

Forever and ever, the question remains, what will ever be enough for a blood thirsty world inhabited by countless ignorant pigs.
If our blood is worthless to “humans”, it is sacred to God. 

Forgive me, dear mother. Forgive me, dear brothers.
سامحيني يا أمي. سامحوني يا أخواني.