As the military campaigns still are targeting cities all over Syria, Ma’aret Al No’man, a city located in Idlib’s suburbs, is being bombarded by regime’s militias right now. A massacre in Ma’aret Al occurred Just a short while ago. One whole family got killed by a shell/mortar bomb that fell on their house. All the corpses got literally shredded by the shrapnel. Seemingly, at least 2 children got martyred, a woman, a young man, and a father.

Overall, there are 6 martyrs documented up till now, amongst them one whole family and a young man.

-First moments as martyr Muhammad Abdeen was being carried into the makeshift hospital:


-Martyr Muhammad Abdeen in the simple makeshift hospital:


-Martyrs in the hospital; doctors trying to revive female child Rayan Al Bajri, aged 7:


-Doctor trying to revive martyred female child Rayan Al Bajri:


-The whole family martyred; shredded into pieces:


-The martyrs after being put in plastic and covered with ice so they wouldn’t decompose:



Again, whole families wiped off the face of the earth whilst everyone is sleeping on his/her cold bed right now. I don’t know how can anyone allow this world to be so unfair.

Those outside have no privilege. No one has a privilege over these families. Your money doesn’t make you nor does your classy surname. How can this happen just how and no one gives a damn about these families.

You’re just seeing them dead but you haven’t felt the pain of each shrapnel and the feeling that your soul is just being sucked out whilst everything is turning white and all flashbacks of good and bad memories are crossing your mind.

All in a split of a second, gone.
You could’ve been in their place. We all could’ve.