I wanted to write about them, but I really cannot say anything.
These children have died for a cause despite the fact that they weren’t intending to die for it.
Driven purely by their innocence, they were chanting, stridently and peacefully, expressing their feelings in this revolution and reciting the chants and songs they learned in the daily protests held in Msefrah, Daraa.
Now they are gone, killed by a mortar bomb.
Know that these children, along with the bits of dreams and hope they held in their small hearts, are now gone.




A short story…
The 2 children you see in the picture are Hussam And Hassan Al-Aneizan from Daraa province in Syria. These 2 children, in simple words, had their dreams and future destroyed by an “Assad reform” shell….Assad killed these children and continues to kill every single day. The shell landed on the village of Almseifra and took their souls.
The children were filmed days before singing for Douma, Deir Ezzor and Homs…..The video below shows these beautiful children singing and happy…They also say “Oh Homs please forgive us”
In this video you can see Hassan after his death
And here you can see Hussam, the younger of the 2, just before he died
We now say:
“Oh Hussam and Hassan….Don’t forgive us”

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