Every single moment of every day, a new massacre is committed by Bashar Al Assad’s regime, its militias, and the loyalists working under the its command. More innocent civilians die and more families are literally wiped off the face of earth whilst the international community purposefully chooses to stay “skeptical” of what is happening in Syria so it would be excused for not taking any action yet. I don’t know why am I writing this right now but what else can I do after watching the videos of this appalling massacre except attempting to let the people witness what they have caused by their demeaning and killer silence.

Douma, a city that is about 13 KMs away from the capital Damascus and has a population of about 112,000, has been announced (on the 21st of June) as “disaster-stricken city” by the Syrian General Revolution Commission. Nothing is allowed into the city as it totally besieged by regime’s security and army forces from all sides and is being bombarded for the 6th – 7th day in a row. Many civilians are attempting to take refuge in nearby areas, but they still are being targeted by Assad’s snipers and heavy machine guns stationed on the rooftops of high buildings and on occupied houses. House are being bombarded by rockets and are being destroyed over their residents’ heads. The collective punishment, imposed by the suffocating siege and the bombardment targeting the city, is further worsening the already devastated humanitarian conditions in the city as medical supplies, provisions, water, bread, gas, and fuel are barely available. Also, electricity is cut off from most of the area. 

Today, a new massacre has been committed under the consent of the world. Although the activists have been and still are doing a tireless, life-risking job to unravel the savage and brutal military campaign Douma is being subjected to, the massacre has been committed openly and freely by regime’s militias because no action was taken to stop the military campaign that has been ongoing for about one week now. The dreadful, indiscriminate bombardment took the lives of at least 40 civilians in the city today, many of whom are innocent women and children. The worst massacre of them all is the execution of 4 whole families from Al Te’mah family, all of which make up about 14 members, amongst them at least 5 children and at least 3 women. These 4 families (more families from the same Al Te’mah family are missing) were executed by gunfire after being gathered in an underground room in the building they live in. The execution occurred after regime’s security forces found one of Al Te’mah family filming what Douma city is being subjected to. They retaliated from the man, who was doing the most noble job ever, by executing his entire family. More details about the massacre will be reported later on.

These videos were being broadcasted live less than an hour ago, just showing the massive number of civilians executed, amongst them children and women.



One of the children killed in the massacre – 28/6/2012

Some of the martyrs; a civilian yelling and raging at how the Arab League, the United Nations, and Muslims still are silent as these massacres are being committed.


I’m very sure that this massacre will not be covered the way Al Houleh, Al Qubair, and the countless other massacres committed across Syria have been. Such genocides have become a normal scene to an international community that normalized with the martyrdom of +100 civilians a day in Syria. The last 4 days witnessed the martyrdom of more than 100 civilians daily, so that is 400 civilians dead in 4 days. A population is being exterminated in Syria and still, no one cares. History is repeating itself, again and again. I clearly remember the massacre committed in Karm Al Zaytoun in Homs about 3 months ago. The same scenes are seen today in Douma.
This world is a hell and these people deserve to be in heaven. May they rest in peace.

On 28/6/2012, 139 civilians got killed across Syria, amongst them at least 20 in my city Homs. More massacres were committed. Al Te’meh family has been exterminated in Douma. Nothing to say…

The Local Coordination Commitees in Syria: 
Thursday drew to a close with the fall of 139 martyrs, 59 in the Damascus Suburbs (most of them during the shelling in Douma), 26 in Homs, 17 in daraa, 15 in Deir Ezzor, 9 in Hama, 9 in Idlib and 2 in Aleppo