[Note that this summary was not done by me. I just translated it from Arabic to English]

Summary of the massacre committed by regime’s militias in Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh, Al Arb’een, and Janoub Al Mal’ab districts in Hama – 27/5/2012

-Since the very beginning of the application of Annan’s plan on ground, the killings and massacres began elevating rather than alleviating. This truism utterly confirmed to us that the plan actually is aiding the regime and is not siding against it. We also are affirmative that it is against us, the people. Massacres are being committed one after the other, all under the supervision of the United Nations observers and world’s powers. The presence of the monitors on ground proved to be useless. The atrocities and the massacres still are being committed in the length and breadth of Syria. Now here is hurt Hama – after the massacres committed in the 80s- is drowning yet again in its own bloodbath.

In Janoub Al Ma’lab and Masha’a Al Arb’een, the regime’s militias have committed a dreadful massacre that took the lives of 34 innocent civilians, amongst them children, women, and elderly. The offensive began when regime’s militias invaded Al Arb’een district at about 8:00 p.m after surrounding it this morning and cutting off all means of communication (internet, land-lines, etc). The district was then targeted by more than 50 mortar bombs and tank shells. Regime’s militias stationed on the barriers around the district have also opened some very heavy gunfire. Shelling and gunfire continued to target the civilians and their houses for several hours (about 5 consecutive hours). The bombardment led to the destruction of a huge number of houses. Because people couldn’t leave their houses to another areas, some houses crashed over their residents’ heads, leading to the martyrdom of whole families, amongst them children and women. Civilians took the injured civilians to the National Hospital of Hama, but regime’s militias invaded the hospital, looking for injured civilians. They kidnapped some of the wounded. Plus, the doctors and medics there did not help the severely wounded civilians and did not stick to their duty. Regime’s gangs have also set fire to some civilian houses, burning them down.

The situation in Janoub AlMal’ab was not better. The district also witnessed a horrific massacre that took the lives of many young men. The bombardment heavily targeted the area and destroyed several houses. Consequently, casualties fell (injuries and deaths).

All these consecutive horrendous massacres and military campaigns are for the aim of displacing families and not allowing them to protest at any time.


 * Videos:


–Injured civilians along with martyrs in Masha’a Janoub Al Mal’ab district:



–Mortar bomb and heavy weaponry shelling targeting Janoub Al Mal’ab district; tens injured by the bombardment:


–Inside the makeshift hospital of Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh district:


–Moments civilians were pulling out injured civilians from under the rubble of destroyed houses:



 * Videos of the massacre of Masha’a Al Arb’een district:










 * Videos of the massacre in Janoub Al Mal’ab district:
















 * Death toll in Hama (may they RIP):


34 martyrs fell in Hama, amongst them 4 defected soldiers, 5 women, 7 children, and there are reports of 6 other martyrs but no documentation of their names yet.
(Note that the martyrs mentioned below are only the ones killed by the bombardment that targeted several areas in Hama). 

 * Martyr of Janoub Al Mal’ab district (may they RIP): [ 7 martyrs ]

1] Martyr Nouri Al Nammo / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

2] Martyred child Saleh Hasan Al Sheikh Sader / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

3] Martyr Fares Hadyeh / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

( Previously mentioned martyrs are documented here):

4] Martyred female Ghosoon Muhammad Beetar / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

5] Martyred female Eaman Mo’ti / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

6] Martyr Radeyye Yousef Houreyyeh / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

– Martyr Fares Hadyeh / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district (documented in the previous video)

– Martyred child Saleh Hasan El Sheikh Sader / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district  (documented in the previous video)

– Martyr Nouri Al Nammoh / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district  (documented in the previous video)

7] Martyr Wa’el Houwaidi / Hama, Janoub Al Mal’ab district

(Previously mentioned martyrs are documented in this video)


 * Martyr of Masha’a Al Arb’een district:

1] Martyr Alaa Zeno / Hama, Masha’a Al Arb’een / killed by the shelling

2] Martyr Saddam Al Hawwash / Hama, Masha’a Al Ar’been / killed by random gunfire.

3] Martyr Reyad Me’re Al Me’re / Hama, Masha’a Al Arb’een / a defected soldier.

4] Martyr Feras Habyaneh / Hama, Bab Qibli / a defected soldier martyred in Masha’a Al Ar’been district.

5] Martyr Zaher Kanani / Hama / a defected soldier martyrs in Masha’a Al Ar’been district.



 * Martyrs of Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh (may they RIP):


1] Martyr Faisal Abdul Hakeem Al Asfar / 29 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

2] Martyr Nedal Al Kasem / 25 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

3] Martyred child Shadi Shantoot / 8 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

4] Martyred child Muhammad Mahdi Al Qasem / 15 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

5] Martyr Muhammad Shantoot / 8 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

6] Martyr child Muhammad Al Sheikh / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

7] Martyr Zaher Al Tabel / 23 years old /  Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

8] Martyred female child Ghosoon Shantoot / 8 years old /  Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

9] Martyr Reyad Muhammad Al Husain / 32 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

10] Martyr Ahmed Hayyan Al Jasem / 16 years old / Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh

( Documentation of the previously mentioned martyrs ) —-> yKV2Fyqxpoc

11] Martyr Muhammad Noor Al Sagheer/  Hama, Masha’a Al Furuseyyeh