My people are being slaughtered and I have lost everything in my city, Homs. But Homs’s suburbs is currently being exterminated along with its children, women, men, and elderly. If the world thinks we have forgotten Karm Al Zytoun, Karm Al Loz, Bab Amr, and Old Homs’s massacres, think again.

Every single fact is recorded, but the Houleh Massacre is nothing like any of what we have seen before. Everyone should unite for the sake of these slaughtered children. Regime’s Shabiha (thugs), militias, and loyalists are right now and as we speak committing a new massacre in Al Houleh city and nearby Taldu area. They are in the districts, roaming around, opening fire and burning down everything their sight falls on. Olive groves and surrounding orchards are being set to fire although they are the only source of livelihood for the civilians living in the area.

Mass exodus is reported and families literally have no where to go as they are being shelled and the Shabiha (thugs) are spread around in streets. Also, only when we thought that women have not been sexually abused or raped prior to their killing, a family of 6 was found slaughtered in their own house today. The family is made up of 6 members, the father and his children, but the mother is missing and all probabilities crossing your mind right now are possible. 

If you do not act in any mean available to you to help raise awareness, donate money, demonstrate, campaign, etc for Syria and specifically for the latest massacre in Al Houleh in Homs’s province, you are an accomplice in Bashar Al Assad’s and his crimes. Everyone should be responsible enough to know that massacres should immediately be halted.

I’m sick of repeating the same news, same words, same sentences all over again. If everyone acted and stood in solidarity with the people of Syria, this would not have happened. None would have. I can barely dare to imagine the pain and fear these families underwent as they were watching each other being slaughtered. I cannot believe how much the children have wept and screamed before being silenced forever as the sharp knives slit their throats.

My people are not numbers. Just imagine how would you feel if you were in their place, victimized, torturered, then executed in the most horrifying means ever. We all deserve to live. 
Everyone must stop blabbering about the mistakes of our revolution, what do to, what not to do, what should happen to us, what should not… When the people are being bombarded and besieged, denied access to food, water, electricity, etc, no one will listen to you so stop trying to hard to order how should this populace react to the fact that they are being targeted and killed. 

25/5 and 26/5: PHOTOS of the massacre. They are graphic:

This is what the UN observers are doing in Syria:buying perfume: – 23/5/2012 -Hama