[This summary was not done by me. I just translated it from Arabic to English]

In the very early morning hours, the regime’s forces stormed the dorms of Aleppo University. The regime’s security forces commanded that all dorm units be evacuated immediately. 2 martyrs fell and more than 10 other students got injured (2 critically). More than 50 students got arrested. The gunfire was heard for up to 5 consecutive hours. Afterwards, the regime’s forces invaded 8 dorm units, amongst them 1 female dorm unit. Students were fleeing the university; some were even jumping over the fence surrounding the university and running away. Now most colleges are completely closed.

-Regime’s forces first invaded some dorm units and shot tear gas canisters, retaliating from the students who held a protest. They then invaded the 10th unit of the University’s dorms, randomly opening gunfire there.

They invaded then 8th unit of the University’s downs, where several buses and security cars loaded with fully-armed security personnel entered the campus. Reports confirm that several students got injured and several others got arrested inside the University’s dorms due to the continuous raids being carried out by the regime’s forces.

Afterwards, 10 more buses – loaded with more than 300 fully-armed security personnel – entered the campus, as if they are about to go into a war with the students there.

Regime’s forces then stormed the 17th,11th, and 15th units of the University’s dorms. Several students got critically injured in the 11th unit; the 15th unit was being subjected to some very heavy gunfire. Several students got injured in the 12th unit as well.

Security personnel then stormed the 13th and the 14th units of the University’s dorms in their continuous disgustingly savage raiding-campaign carried out against students.

Student Ahmed Khalaf was severely injured and he is in a critical condition. He’s second-year student, studying Sociology.


–Students fleeing the university:


–A University students injured by the regime’s forces’ gunfire:


–Regime’s forces’ invasion of the university’s dorms:


–This is how the regime’s forces have vandalized the rooms of students in the University’s dorms and forced many students to immediatley leave them:

One of the martyrs:




–College of Electrical Engineering: 2 short consecutive protests were held in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering:


–The University’s square: A huge protest was held in the University’s square in front of Al Shabha Rose all the way to Nazlet Adounees street. Number of protesters was increasing and the sounds of their chants were echoing:




–Live streaming of the protest began when the protesters reached Nazlet Adounees street. Several TV channels aired the protest:


–The protesters then cut off Nazlet Adounees street:


-Now, regime’s security forces began randomly opening fire, attempting to disperse the student protesters. They cut off all the streets leading to the University.

Students were astoundingly steadfast despite the regime’s crackdown on them. When they reached Nazlet Adounees street, regime’s gunfire and attack was so savage, where they began to randomly arrest students in the University’s square (where the demonstration was held).

–Regime’s forces firing barrages of tear gas canisters, then regime’s security forces and Shabiha (thugs) attacking the protesters:


–Faculty of Civil Engineering: The revolutionary students in the Civil Engineering faculty joined the steadfast huge protest held by the students there. They were chanting:”slanderous, slanderous, slanderous is the regime’s arm”.

-Faculty of Information Engineering: These students here held a beautiful protest , chanting for the martyrs and demanding the toppling of Bashar Al Assad’s regime. They then broke the inauguration where the name of Al Assad was carved. Consequently, the regime’s forces surrounded the college and began to fire barrages of tear gas canisters, leading to the injury of one of the employees there; several students fainted from the gas.