Children were the ones who commenced with this uprising, spontaneously painting on their school walls what reads:”We Want To Topple The Regime.” Inspired by the Arab Spring and by the freedom they never tasted, they determined to express their feelings by simple graffiti on their school walls, which is a normal scene in schools around the world. But, Bashar Al Assad knows no “normal”. He did not comprehend how could a dozen of children even dare to step on his divinity and power and paint “freedom” slogans without his “permission”.

Regime’s security forces were then ordered to track down these children and arrest them; they did. Torture began prickling the soft skin of these kids. The criminal security personnel in dungeons left not a single centimeter of these children’s bodies unharmed. The children’s nails were pulled out and brusies were covering every inch of their body. Some children were even threatened with rape and were electrocuted. 

Daraa was infuriated, and so was its young generation in which 13 year old child Hamza Al Khateeb belongs to. He protested with all the fury a 13 year old could amass, but Assad’s regime yet again arrested our children, amongst them Hamza Al Khateeb.

In the first 2 weeks of the uprising, we thought the world would stop and turn its eyes on these children, whose rights were blatantly and disgustingly violated. Hamza Al Khateeb had gone missing, and that beautiful face with that priceless smile was no more. After spending one month in regime’s dungeons, he was handed in to his family…A blue, tortured corpse with the most innocently phlegmatic, painful face ever. Again, our world paused. Where is the world now? Primarily, the children who began this uprising were tortured, and now a 13 year old was totured in blasphemous means. We thought the world would listen. We thought the world would not bear to imagine the screams and cries of this boy, tortured and electrocuted at night whilst the world is occupied with  the most boorish things found on the earth.

The “democracies” remembered Hamza Al Khateeb merely 2 months after his martyrdom, specifically when Hilary Clinton actually recalled that in Asia, there’s something called Syria located near Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon. The world recalled that Oh, there is an uprising occurring in Syria. Oh, these children’s rights were raped by the regime. Oh, Hamza Al Khatib is now dead, his face and body bruised, his body bearing 4 gunshots, his penis cut off… How can this ever be forgiven. 



I remember how much I have wept the day I saw his body. I’m 4 years older than this young boy. How shameful that I was not able to aid him with anything… To apologize to him: a 13 year old boy who refused to see children his age tortured. And to apologize on behalf of this sick world for leaving you, Hamza Al Khatib, decompose in your own prison cell under the name of politics and world powers.

Although the international community and human rights organizations witnessed these crimes, they literally did nothing but condemn these atrocities. Consequently, more and more of our children became Hamza Al Khatibs. More and more were slaughtered by knives in front of their own families. More and more were sodomized and raped. More and more fainted in prisons after being electrocuted a million times. More and more beseeched the conscience left in this world to come and salvage them from an inevitable death. More and more died simply because the Bashar Al Assad and the world care so much about the “geopolitical condition” Syria lies in.

I know the death angel was not able to approach Hamza. I know Hamza’s soul is around us. I know he’s praying for all other children being bombarded and tortured in Syria. I know he’s bringing in more angels to guard these children. I know he’s soothing the pain of our detained children. Our children still are dying. Their childhood and innocence have been scratched, torn apart, then murdered by the very regime that is supposed to “represent” us. Bashar Al Assad is history, not because political powers said so, but because our children did…Because Hamza Al Khatib and the thousands others did. Here they are, more children grasping their last breathes because their world paused for a year and a month now… The ignorance and silence of many have made these images painful.

Forgive me, Hamza Al Khatib.

Forgive me, children of Syria.

RIP, Hamza – 29/4/2011