The death toll for Wednesday has risen to 102 martyrs, majority from Hama as a result of the violent shelling on Mashaa Altayyar neighborhood. Among them was a mentally handicapped martyr, and 3 killed under torture, in addition to 14 children and 25 women killed by the bullets of Assad security forces and army. 25/4/2012

Hama: 71 martyrs, among them 9 children and 22 women, majority killed in the shelling on Mashaa Altayyar neighborhood.


In one of the most horrendous escalation of violence in Hama, the city got subjected to rocket shelling at 6:15 p.m., targeting the district of Masha’a Al Tayyar. Most of the civilians and families in this neighbourhood are displaced families from Homs. The rocket shelling resulted in a 3 meters deep and 6 meters wide hole in ground. More than 25 houses crashed over their residents’ heads. More than 50 martyrs fell, most of them are children. A huge number of civilians got injured (approximated to be hundreds) in the district. Massive destruction and mayhem in the neighbourhood; scenes of flesh and blood are indescribable. A 10 year old child was pulled from under the rubble of his house alive. Another child, 6 years old, was pulled dead from his house. We send SOS calls to the Red Cross to come and help us in Masha’a Al Tayyar district; we have a huge number of corpses we’re unable to pull from under the rubble. We also send urgent SOS calls to the UN observers to come to Masha’a Al Tayyar district to witness the utter blatant truth.


–Hama: Masha’a Al Tayyar district: Leftovers of a rocket and the destruction the shelling left behind:



–Hama: Masha’a Al Tayyar district: Moment of an explosion:

–Hama: Masha’a Al Tayyar district: A girl pulled out from the rubble of her house:

 This massacre happened during the presence of UN observers. The same massacres are occurring. Nothing has changed. Death toll has elevated to 100s again. 14 children and 22 innocent women all died in one day. Tens of children were orphaned and tens of other women and men were widowed yesterday. This is a true genocide happening under the supervision and the observation of the UN monitors.