The butchery in Syria continues to take place diurnally although the United Nation’s observers are on ground. Bashar Al Assad abided by none of the factors that make up Annan’s plan, which include the unconditional release of political prisoners, the halt of violence, and the withdrawal of military equipment from residential areas. Considering the fact that +200 martyrs fell since the implementation of Annan’s plan in Syria, which began on 12th of April, unravels how much the Assad is supported by international community. 

We attempted to believe the United Nations observers’ mission and that it definitely will be much more successful than that of the Arab League. But unfortunately, the same outcome seems to be approaching. The death toll is on the rise every day. On the 12th of April, at least 17 martyrs fell in Syria. The next day, at least 27 martyrs. The one after, at least 35 fell. And the number kept rising. On the 11th day since the application of Annan’s plan in Syria, the number of martyrs amounted to +250, including +8 women, 2 cameramen, +10 children, and +10 tortured to death. Today, 23/4/2012, the death toll in Syria rose to 52 up till now (death toll is likely to rise), yet the international community cannot but praise and hail Annan for his absolutely divine mission in Syria.

The bloodbath across Syria did not stop. Children, elderly, and young men all still are falling victims to the continuous indiscriminate shelling targeting several besieged cities in Syria. Here are some of the videos documenting how “fruitful” the UN’s initiatives have been. 

On the 15th of April, just 3 days after the beginning of the “ceasefire” in Syria, a child got shot dead by a sniper in Douma, Damascus suburbs – 15/4/2012



On the 17th of April, just 5 days after the beginning of Assad’s “commitment” to the ceasefire, regime’s forces used helicopters to bombard Areeha town:


What Annan has merely done is alleviating the number of martyrs from +100s to 30s, 40s, and 50s. Corpses in Syria are amounting to convoys of martyrs every day, yet the world only turns a deaf ear to us. “We want a military intervention”, civilians chanted during the presence of UN observers in several cities. I am against the NATO intervention in Syria (although they will never intervene anyways), but I am not the one who is undergoing the continuous bombardment or is a refugee that lacks the most basic needs from food, water, shelter, etc. “Millions” of dollars are allegedly being spent as humanitarian aid to Syrians, but look at what the Red Crescent in Syria has given Syrians in here: rotten canned cold meat. 

Back to the violations of the ceasefire, here’s how a martyr grasped his last breathes on the 19th of April in Al Qusair,Homs makeshift hospital. Due to the lack of needed medical needs, civilians are dying from their wounds, whether are severe or mild. This video is graphic.

On the 20th of April, more martyrs grapsed their last breathes, killed by the continuous bombardment that targeted Al Qusair in Homs:

21st of April, the day the UN observers arrived to Homs, was a very intense day. Free Syrian army protected the observers and activists together. Lt Abdul Razzak Tlas, commander of Free Syrian Army battalion Al Farouq toured the observers through the city and showed them the destruction in the National Hospital. But the moment the observers, accompanied by Free Syrian Army soldiers, activists, and civilians reached the intersection between Al Khaldeye and Al Bayyada district, regime’s snipers began targeting them. Civilians then formed a human shield to protest the UN observers from harm. They jeoparidized their own lives for some observers that could have been a ray of hope to aid and help them in their plight.

The most pathetic scenes ever seen will be in the next 2 videos. This video was taken on the 22nd of April, when the regime’s forces were in Al Arb’een district in Hama (where today, regime’s forces  have been randomly bombarding it, retaliating from the families that talked to the observers and protested during their presence.Up to 38 martyrs fell in this district today, some of them are elderly). The short amateur video shows the snipers stationed on the rooftop of a building on the street the UN observers were driving on. Note that the observers’ mission is military, not humanitarian. These videos will act as concrete evidences for any falsifications or omissions that the observers would include in their upcoming report. 

Lets assume that the snipers were too hard to recognize or too hard to verify that they’re snipers anyways. Today, 23rd of April, UN observers went and visited Douma, Damascus suburbs. Buses loaded with regime’s forces were driving right in front of the observers. A nail bomb was dropped near the protesters, but the UN observers did  not seem to care any less. Again, the use of weapons against unarmed civilians is part of the observers’ mission, which is being treated as a military observatory mission. Then, regime’s forces opened gunfire at the protesters. Violations are being committed right before the eyes of the UN observers.

 According to a recent report by Al Jazeera, satellite images show that 54% of the city of Homs has been destroyed and up to 700,000 out of its 1.3 million civilians have been displaced due to the horrific atrocities and crackdown carried out by regime’s forces. It also shows that 3 of the pro-regime district – among them Akrameh and Zahr’a – are left untouched; civilians there are very much distant from the genocide being committed just a few meters away. The report also reveals that sewage water and garbage are filling the streets of Homs. Tanks and armoured tanks were clearly spotted by the satellite. Arab League observers came and witnessed all these images, but now we need more observations, more talks, and more reports. 

Syria is not in need of Humanitarian aid or observers. Syria is in need of a keen eye; it neither needs politics nor pathetic talks. UN observers have come in to witness us being murdered. We did not ask the United Nations for 300 more people to come and watch us die. If that’s their duty in Syria, then pull them back already.