I am no politics expert. I just follow what this bloody world forces me to follow. I read what I am forced to read. I listen to what I’m forced to listen to. Kofi Annan, Russia, Iran, US, China, Arab League, UN, Hezballah,etc… Everyone is interfering in Syria, interfering in a conspiracy against the Syrian people and their revolution.

I probably watched the video I am about to post for about 15 times today. My eyes and ears still cannot believe that this is plausible. I tried to search for words that would describe this catastrophe. Our children have become skinny. Our children have their ribs poking out of their tiny bellies. Our children’s view has become hazy. Our children have shrapnel penetrating their soft skins. Our children have become tongue-tied. Our children have been suffering from bed-wetting and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Our children cannot sleep. Our children are in fear, probably forever. 

I’m not good in sweet speeches and heart talks, but this cannot but touch me. Toddlers in my city, Homs, are hungry and I can barely do anything except unravel the misery and agony they’re in. Toddlers in my city are hurt and injured; every single night, a child grasps The Last Breathes. Their parents weep over their pure bodies. They sense their souls around. They try to talk to them, to wake them up, but nothing… No response.

Babies’ eyes are shut to eternity now. Doctors try to revive them. Parents still trying to wake up their children. Then, doctors fail… Fail to rejuvenate that hurt soul and pump it back to the children’s veins. Fail to tell these children that their own army is the reason why they haven’t lived longer, why they haven’t graduated from elementary school, why they haven’t majored in colleges, why they haven’t been able to be happily married…

This child is a 1 month old child, born under the siege and shelling targeting Al Khaldeye district in Homs. He is extremely malnourished for his mom has become psychologically disturbed and the baby milk in not allowed to come in the neighbourhood because of Assad’s occupation forces. Hear his pain. Feel his agony. Touch that young soul that has seen nothing from this world. Be his ears that have listened to nothing but the sounds of bombs, screams, cries, and dreadfulness.

Homs used to aid people everywhere. Homs opened its houses as asylums for Lebanese civilians in Tamuz war, 2006. We welcomed everyone that knocked our doors. Now look at what is happening to our children. We have become the white version of disaster-stricken Somalia. We are in famine. Our children are orphaned. Our women are losing control. 

If this does not move you, nothing will. All those who blabber about humanity and human rights should come and take a look at the intolerable conditions most Syrians within Syria are living in now.I pray everyday that God never forgives all those who are silent. Everyone. Every single person. You have no excuse not to speak up and say a word of truth. No excuse whatsoever.

Eventually, the world never stops turning. When you see your child like that, do tell me what will your feelings be . Do tell me the pain you will feel. Do make your screams audible to everyone. When you will beseech the world in times of distress but no one listens to you, I promise I will remind you why by then.