31 March 2012

Foreign Secretary William Hague has expressed concern about reports that Ali Mahmoud Othman has been captured and that others have been detained by the Syrian regime.
Foreign Secretary William Hague

The Foreign Secretary said:

“I am very concerned by reports that Ali Mahmoud Othman, the head of the Media Centre in Homs where Marie Colvin, Paul Conroy and other journalists were based, has been captured by the Syrian regime.  There are also reports that some of Othman’s colleagues have also been detained.

“There are reports that Mr Othman has already been tortured and maltreated.

“I call on the Syrian authorities to release Mr Othman and other political prisoners immediately. The Syrian regime will be held responsible for Mr Othman’s safety and his treatment and I will raise his case in Istanbul at the Friends of Syria meeting tomorrow.

“It is believed that up to 10,000 Syrians have been killed by the regime since the start of the crisis, with many more incarcerated, as part of the regime’s campaign of terror.

“The Syrian regime must immediately implement the six-point plan of UN and Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan, including a cessation of all hostilities, a genuine Syrian-led political transition, provision of humanitarian assistance and freedom of access for the media, and the release of political prisoners.

“In Istanbul we will take steps to increase the pressure on the regime to carry out these steps and ensure that those responsible for the violence are held to account.”

Link to the original statement by Foreign Secretary can be found here:

-For further information about his detainment, follow activist @tweets4peace on twitter.


Journalist Paul Conroy speaks about Ali Othman’s detainment [translated to Arabic]:




علي عثمان واسمه الحركي الجد فراس
كان مدير المركز الاعلامي بباباعمرو
اعتقل الشهر الماضي ونددت وزارات خارجية أميركا وبريطانيا وفرنسا باعتقاله
سيظهر غدا على قناة الدنيا في سلسلة حلقات (وليس حلقة واحدة) يروي فيها اعترافاته.
سنقوم بحملة تضامنية مع قضية اعتقاله ونريد تعميم ذلك على كل الصفحات ونرجو من الجميع وضع صورته بروفايل …خصوصا أن البطل
علي عثمان هو الذي حمل كميرا البث المباشر خلال قصف باباعمرو.

(Translation of this post was not done by me):

-Ali Osman and his grandfathe ِِAljd Firas
The director of the Media Center Bbabaamr
Was arrested last month and condemned the Ministries of
Foreign Affairs of America, Britain and France for his arrest
Will appear tomorrow on the channel floor in a series
Rings (and not one episode) tells the confession as they want.
We want to circulate it to all the pages and we hope
Put all of his image profile … especially that the hero
Ali Osman, who is carrying live broadcasts Kamira
During the bombing Babaamr to deliver the truth to all image around the world.

A pathetic media figure from the slanderous Dunya TV is using him, bringing substance to his hideous show, a show not worth one of Ali Othman’s shoes.
These heroes are amongst those who will hang the pigs packed in Syria. 
Even if they occupy Ali physically, they cannot occupy his bravery, his thoughts, his mind, his courage, the people that love and miss him. 
It’s all in vain; jailing Ali is in vain. Ali, just like all other heroes, is born free.
He’s invincible. Syria’s heroes are invincible. Homs’s heroes are invincible.



تم اليوم اعتقال أهل الناشط المعتقل علي عثمان المتواجدون في صحنايا في ريف دمشق الساعة السابعة والربع مساء من بيوتهم في تلك المنطقة .
ومن المعتقلين :
1- عبد الله عثمان : أخ للناشط المعتقل علي عثمان عمره 33 سنة يعمل مهندس كومبيوتر
2- ابراهيم عثمان : أخ للناشط علي عثمان عمره 25 سنة يعمل مع علي في بيع الخضار
3- حذيفة عثمان : أخ للناشط علي عثمان عمره 17 سنة وهو طالب في الصف التاسع الإعدادي
4- محمود عثمان : أبو الناشط المعتقل علي عثمان وعمره 70 سنة
5- عوض عثمان : خال المعتقل علي عثمان عمره 65 سنة العميد السابق في الجيش السوري
6- طلال العثمان : ابن خال المعتقل علي عثمان عمره بحدود 40 سنة يعمل في مستودع السعد للأدوية
7- أكرم الزراعي : زوج أخت الناشط علي عثمان عمره 27 سنة يعمل في معمل البيبسي

جميع المذكورة أسماؤهم سابقاً تم اعتقالهم اليوم قرابة الساعة 7:15 مساء من يوم الثلاثاء 8/5/2012 من بيوتهم القاطنة في حي صحنايا في ريف دمشق

تم اعتقالهم بطريقة همجية أمام أعين الناس المتواجدين في المنطقة وكأنهم مجرمون .

*** ننوه أن أي خبر آخر هو مغلوط ومن جهات مختلقة
وأن مصدر المعلومات من الأخ الأصغر للناشط علي عثمان حمزة محمود عثمان المتواجد الآن في مكان آمن .

أبو بكر صالح الناطق باسم المكتب الإعلامي في حي بابا عمرو
Skype : homsi_homs


Family of detained activist Ali Othman (who was in Sehnaya in Damascus’s suburbs) got arrested 7:15 p.m. from their houses in that area. The detainees are:

1] Abdullah Othman: brother of activist Ali, aged 33, computer engineer.
2] Abraham Othman: brother of activist Ali, aged 25, works with Ali in shelling vegetables.
3] Huthaifa Othman: brother of activists Ali, aged 17, 9th grader.
4] Mahmoud Othman: father of activist Ali, aged 70.
5] Awad Othman: uncle of activist Ali, aged 65, former brigadier general.
6] Talal Othman: son of Ali’s uncle, aged around 40, works in Al Saed storage house for medicines.
7] Akram Al Zerai’: husband of Ali’s sister, aged 27, works in Pepsi factory.

All those aforementioned have been arrested from their houses located in Sahnaya district in Damascus’s suburbs.
They got detained on 8th of May, 2012 at around 7:15 p.m.

They were savagely and brutally arrested in front of the civilians in the district. The detainees were treated as if they were criminals.

-Note that any other news are falsified and are surely coming from other sources. The source of our information is a one of Ali’s younger brothers, Hamzeh Mahmoud Othman, who currently is hiding in a safe place.

Abu Baker Saleh
Spokesperson of the Media Office in Bab Amr district
Skype: homsi_homs
Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/AbuBakrSaleh92