I firmly believe Human Rights Watch’s latest report about the Free Syrian Army is in actuality deforming the image Syrians and their FSA have been trying to convey to the world.

Several leaked videos uploaded by activists unravel the horror Syrians are facing every single day under the hands of Assad militias and paramilitary forces.

The videos document enough. 

Friends For Syria communique is to be held tomorrow. Syrians are sacrificing their lives for their freedom and their rights. Hillary Clinton visited Riyadh today to ask Saudi not to arm the Syrian opposition. Hillary Clinton asserts democracy and “freedom for all” whilst she demands the resolving of the genocide in Syria by a “political solution”.

No country whatsoever has the right to tell Syrians what mean of resistance could they adopt, noting that Syrians are being slaughtered for more than a year now and the international community still cannot reach a sole consensus that would halt the bloodbath Bashar Al Assad’s forces are flooding in Syria.

Syrians stopped watching Arab League and UN’s meetings for they are affirmative that none shall come up with anything but “endorsing the halt of bloodshed”. Kofi Annan’s plan is the exact same plan being discussed since the very beginning of the year and nothing has changed. The international community has been receiving – from Bashar Al Assad’s regime- a refusal after the other. Not a single resolution has been sustained on ground in Syria. The army is still bombarding civilians, enforcing disappearances are on the rise, Shabiha (thugs) are still slitting the throats of children, women are still being raped, etc. The list does not end. Obviously Bashar Al Assad is insisting on continuing with its dreadful solution: the terrorist, police state solution.

It is a sham that the UN and Arab League are still on with the “harsh commentary and warnings” directed to Assad’s regime. In actuality, they still are beseeching bigot Bashar Al Assad to “stop using excessive force” whilst whole cities and villages across Syria have been flattened by the bombardment and shelling. Chemical weapons have reportedly been used. Nail bombs, which are internationally prohibited, are being used. Collective punishments are being imposed on every single revolting village, town, and city. Families have been being denied health care, provisions, and heat sources. Hospitals are in all occupied in most of Syria’s cities, including disaster-stricken Homs, Idlib, and Daraa. What more does the world want? That is the question.