Number of refugee families whether within the city of Homs or outside of it has dramatically elevated this week, specifically after the invasion of Bab Amr,Jobar,and Sultaneyah areas. Afterwards, Karm Al Zaytoun, Asheera, Bab Draib, and Job Al Jandali got invaded by Assad’s Shabiha (thugs),and some Iranian and Hezballah soldiers according to testimonies from witnesses and activists. 

Conditions these refugees are living in are unbearable. No food, no water, no clothes, no heat source, no sanitation; nothing is available. The humanitarian situation in Homs is already devastated and most districts now lack the most basic needs.

Several unbelievably heartbreaking videos have been uploaded by activists in the past 2 days, obviously attempting to unravel to the world the misery and agony these refugees are going through. Note that most of the refugees are women and children. 

The Free Syrian Army are doing tireless efforts to save these traumatized families and salvage all the corpses slaughtered and burnt by Assad’s militias.

This video has been taken in Al Adaweyye district. The following is the translation:

-“Oh my dear son,my dear son”.
-Tell us,tell us what happened to you. We now are in Al Adaweyye district,Homs.
-“They raided the house and kidnapped my son and slaughtered him.”
-“They shot dead other families on their house’s porch.”
-“Some Shabiha (thugs) attacked us while we were outside our house’s door.”
-Who salvaged you?
-“The Free Syrian Army salvaged us. The Free Syrian Army salvaged us.”
– What do you want to tell King of Saudi and King of Jordan and to the other Arab presidents?
– “God, God just protect us. God just protect us.”
-These are the soldiers of the Free Syrian Army that are salvaging innocent civilians from stricken areas.
-These are the soldiers of the Free Syrian Army. Brother, may you tell us what is happening in here?
-“Assad’s Shabiha (thugs) slaughtered civilians in here -about 40 to 50 people have been executed- and we are attempting to save these families right now.”
-There still are families stuck in there,unable to leave their houses?
– “Yes, and there are corpses inside we aren’t able to pull them out.Some of the corpses have been burned and the bodies started to rotten (starting getting smelly).”
-We call upon the Arab countries to support and aid out Free Syrian Army. We want arms; we do not want meetings and communiques.
-Look O Arabs. Look at what is happening to us. Look at the slaughter inside. Video tape the women. Look at this.The FSA soldiers got her out of her house. Are these terrorists because they’re salvaging the civilians?

These families have left Karm Al Zytoun area and went to Al Khaldeye district. Their conditions are not better. This video has been taken on the 12th of March, 2 days ago.

AlKhaldeye district,Homs,12/3/2012: Refugee families speaking about the agony and massacres:

-Do we seriously only need a “halt in violence” Sir Kofi Annan?!
-Let the world witness this misery. Homs has become the second Palestine.
-Let the world see those homeless families who left Karm Al Zaytoun, Nazheen, and Asheere districts.
-And Eskan district.
-And from Eskan,Job Al Jandali districts as well.
-Peace be to you.
-Peace be to you as well.
-Sister, where do you come from?
-We used to live in Skandaron street.
-Alright, why did you take refuge in here?
-Assad’s Shabiha (thugs) attacked us.
-What happened there?
-The Shabiha (thugs) kidnapped 3 to 4 families. They let go of some of these families but slaughtered others. They kidnapped one of the families right in front of our eyes.
-We left with only the clothes we have on. We have nothing now. We have no clothes. Our children are all with us.
-We broke the walls of the house and left. We stayed for a month in Karm Al Zaytoun.
-Then, Assad’s Shabiha (thugs) attacked us there as well.
-May God destroy Bashar for the sake of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
-He didn’t leave a house he didn’t destroy. Assad’s gangs looted the houses, left the families homeless, slaughtered our children, and left no one unharmed.
-I swear to God it is an agony we’re living. I swear Israel didn’t do that.
-What do you want to say to Bashar Al Assad?
-May God destroy him.
-What do you say to Kofi Annan and the world?
-May God destroy all those who do not side with Muslims. They destroyed us. They destroyed us.
-They destroyed us and no one is helping us.
-Peace be to you brother.
-Why did you come here for refuge?
-They attacked us my son. They attacked our houses.We left everything and came here.
-Who attacked you? The Shabiha (thugs)? The Security?
-The Shabiha. The Army. They all attacked us.
-What do you want to say to Kofi Annan?
-I want to tell Kofi Annan:May God never grant success to all those who do not see the truth.
-They are blind.They are not seeing with their eyes. They are blind. They aren’t seeing what is happening in Syria.
-Let the world see this plight. Let the world see this.
-If you Arabs still insist on staying silent, Syria will become the second Palestine; the second occupied Gaza.
-Let Kofi Annan take a look at all this.
-Do we seriously only need a “halt in violence” Sir Kofi Annan?!
-There are many refugees. There are massacres taking place in the city of Homs now.
-Yes I swear to God Assad gangs are killing. There are families that had their throats slit; they literally got slaughtered.
-We left with only the clothes we have on. They’re killed families and children right in front of us.
-We escaped through rooftops.

Without the presence of the Free Syrian Army soldiers, civilians are themselves salvaging families from being massacred either by Shabiha (thugs) slaughter or by the shelling. These videos have been taken on the 9th of march in Karm Al Zaytoun area,very close to Asheera district, where activist Abu Muaath explains the horrendous conditions and the excruciating difficulties faced while saving the families trapped in stricken districts.

-Civilians in the district yelling after the explosions:”God is the greatest. God is the greatest.”
-It’s crystal clear now. You’re seeing it and you’re hearing it. Families of Asheere district are migrating it.
-Man in background:”Come record this. Come here.”
-Look, look at the explosion. This occurred just now. This area is called Asheere, as we said, families are migrating it. All its families are leaving it. Under the shelling, bombardment, and nail bombs, people are attempting to leave there homes, fleeing for their lives. Here it is. You’re seeing it and you’re hearing it. God is greater than all of you. And as we said, this is dedicated to Mister Kofi Annan and the Russian Foreign minister.

This video is also in Asheere district, conveying the danger of only attempting to cross the street. This car drove too fast it was about to bump into the cameraman. 

-Homs, Karm Al Zaytoun right beside Asheere district.
-Do you see the car? This is how we cross the street.

Another video of a shell falling right in front of the building beside the camerman. There is no where safe. Civilian cars are going back and forth, seemingly transferring families from one area to the other. 

-Homs, Karm Al Zaytoun.
-Man in the background:”God is the greatest.”
-Man in the background:”We need a car. We need a car.”
-God is greater than you are Arabs. God is greater than you are.
– Look at what is happening to us. Look at this.
-Cameraman:”Homs, Asheere district, 9/3/2012.”
-We are attempting to move the families our of the district under the shelling and bombardment by Assad militias.
-Just look at what’s happening to our homes, to our cities.
-God is greater than you are.
-Man in the background:”empty the plaza. empty the plaza immediately.”
-Man in the background:”drive the car out of the plaza. drive it out.”
-Men in the background:”God is the greatest. God is the greatest.”

An estimated quarter a million to half a million internally displaced civilians are within the city of Homs. The situation in most districts cannot handle massive numbers of families. My own uncle and his family are refugees themselves; they left Jouret Al Shayyah district (right beside the stricken Khaldeye district) and went to live in my aunt’s house in Al Malaab district. My grandmother now left Homs for 2 months after suffering from thyroid inflammation; because of the dearth of medicine in the city, she, my aunt, my uncle and his family had to flee to an area near Damascus. They originally are from Bab Draib district, which is also being attacked and being systematically emptied from its residents. Displaced  civilians in the cities of Homs, Idlib, Daraa, and Damascus suburbs need immediate health and psychological care as most of them are deprived from the most basic needs now. Provisions are very scarce and of extremely high prices.