Yesterday was a tough day for all those who behold bits of humanity. Jobar massacre has been uncovered by a video.And 48 Syrian women and children have been killed in a horrendous massacre in the city of Homs. Must warn you the both the footage and the photos you are about to see are graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

Primarily, and after Assad’s militias invasion to Bab Amr and nearby districts (after the withdrawal of FSA battalions on the 2nd of March,2012), a massacre of slaughter by knives has been reported by several activists in Bab Amr and Jobar district. Because of the lack of videos and internet connection in both districts, it was nearly impossible to report anything. Yesterday was the day all this has been unraveled. An amateur video was uploaded by activists showing the huge number of men murdered by Assad’s army and Shabiha (thugs).  What proves that these men are not so called “armed gangs” Syrian Formal TV and Assad regime keep blabbering about is the presence of casualties as old as 70 and as young as 15 or 16. This is the video from Jobar area, reportedly taken on the 5th of March :

Afterwards, yesterday, another massacre has be uncovered. Words cannot describe the scenes and incidents you are about to see and read about or convey the dreadful moments those families have underwent before being slaughtered and stabbed to death like that.

Rastan Coordination has reported a summary of the events of the massacre, based on witnesses, survivors, and activists testimonies:

On Sunday,11/3/2012, armed Assad militias and Shabiha (thugs)  have committed a horrid massacre in 2 of Homs’s districts, Karm Al Zaytoun and Jobar, where more than 53 children and women have been stabbed to death and dumped on streets according to “The Syrian Association for Defending Human Rights” and several other activists. Reports say that several of the martyrs bore signs of distortion, which were caused by the criminals’ carving (using knives) sectarian expressions on the bodies. Most of the women and girls (some as young as 8) have been gang raped before being slaughtered either by slitting their throats or by stabbing them to death.

According to “Union of Revolution Coordination”, the number of women martyred in this massacre is 23,including 28 children and 6 men. The Union has reiterated their affirmative reports of women raped in streets and others stripped from their clothes in a plaza. Note that some casualties haven’t been savaged from their houses,which were burnt by Assad Shabiha (thugs) and armed gangs.

-Some of the names of the martyrs: Hanan Baroudi, Mayyada Bahlawan, Muhammad Khair Baroudi, Adel Baroudi, Ahmed Baroudi, Bashar Baroudi (5 years old), Abdul Rahman Baroudi (6 years old), Asmaa Baroudi (6 years old), Khaled Baroudi (5 years old)…

The martyrs have been taken to Bab Sba’a district so a huge funeral could be held. This is activist Omar Al Tellawi in Bab Sba’a district. I still haven’t translated the video, but the images are more than enough for now:

Full video of the live-streaming after uncovering the massacre can be found on here:


Some of the photos taken of some of the casualties killed in this massacre (more photos could be found here: ) :