Assad’s militias have yet committed another horrendous massacre in one of Homs’s tows,called Rastan.While civilians were peacefully protesting on the Friday of “Arming the Free Syrian Army”,Assad’s forces dropped a mortar bomb in the middle of the protest.16 people were immediately killed.Four martyrs have been identified by their families,among them 2 children.Death toll is likely to rise.(Note that not at all were reported for most of the martyrs were mutilated and hard to identify due to the impact of the bomb).Their names are:

  • Zakareyya Abraham Shabaki,12 years old.
  • Khaled Adnan Al Khateeb,9 years old.
  • Somar Farzat,22 year old.
  • Abdo Farzat,25 years old.

Viewer discretion is advised.These footage are in the chronological order of the horrid massacre.

Massacre in Rastan:Mortar bomb fired in mid of a protest 2/3/2012:

“Freedom.(singing & chanting)”
Rastan 2/3/2012 -The Friday of “Arming the Free Syrian Army”
God is the greatest.The targeting of the protest by a mortar bomb.

-Rastan-2/3/2012-Activist explaining the massacre:

The crimes of Bashar Al Assad in Rastan town.He targets & shells the protests.We have a lot of civilians injured;tens of casualties.

-Rastan-2/3/2012-The Friday of “Arming the Free Syrian Army”:Closest footage: (Very Graphic)

This is the targeting of a protest by shells.
Rastan:2/3/2012-The crimes of Bashar Al Assad’s gangs.

-Rastan-2/3/2012-Field hospital post the massacre committed by Assad:

Rastan 2/3/2012,a massacre in the town of Rastan,a massacre in the town of Rastan,a massacre in the town of Rastan.Casualties. Oh God. (man in the background:Watch this child,watch this child,oh God.This is Bashar.These are his reforms).Oh God,oh God.Where are the Arabs?Where are the Muslims?Oh God,oh God,it’s a massacre Arabs.

-Rastan-:2/3/2012-Mother of one of martyrs killed in the massacre:

Your son is a martyr,your son is a martyr.
Rastan,3/2/2012:Mother of the martyr mourning the loss of her son.
Mother:”God is greatest.Where is my son?I want my son.My son is gone.I want my son.My son is gone.I didn’t know this will happen to me today.I wanted to shower him with my hands when he were to arrive home.I want to wash him.I want to wash him by my hands.”

What more evidence does the international community need to condemn Assads?