Another bloody day in our city. Another bloody day in Syria.

2 important videos were uploaded today showing the burial of two foreign journalists martyred last week in Bab Amr due to Assadi shelling.

  • This video if of French journalist Remy Ochlik.Dr.Muhammad explains the journo’s death and sends a message to the world:
“Homs,Bab Amr,27/2/2012-
This is French Journalist Remy Ohclik,who’d been martyred in Bab Amr.We couldn’t take his corpse out of Bab Amr due to Assad regime’s prohibition of allowing the Red Cross into the district.May Remy rest in peace;he was doing his humanitarian job with full dedication and was reporting the true image of what has been happening in Bab Amr.We’re being shelled by the strongest and most gross rockets ever;Bab Amr is now utterly demolished. Remy Ochlik insisted on staying with us here in Bab Amr and got martyred on this ground.Today,we’re forced to bury his corpse here in Bab Amr due to the lack of electricity;Remy Ochlik’s corpse also already started to decompose.This is journalist Remy (shows Remy’s face).I ask,is it possible that the West couldn’t topple Bashar Al Assad or couldn’t make Assad halt rocket shelling and allow the Red Cross in?Where are the European peoples who always call for freedom?Where are the European people who have always stood with with the righteous?Why,Why,Why?There’s a question mark over all European countries.God bless Remy Ohclik and may he be in God’s widest Heaven.He’ll stay immortal in our memories for he reported the true image and true voices of what’s happening here in Bab Amr. I am Doctor Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad;I verify this footage and that he has been buried in one of Bab Amr’s garden.We got used to such burial means.”
  • This is the video of the burial of American journalist Marie Colvin.Dr.Muhammad also explains the death of the journo and sends a message to the world.-Note that both were buried on the same day:27/2/2012 
“Bab Amr:Corpse of American journalist Marie Colvin:Burial on 27/2/2012-
27/2/2012.We’re in one of Bab Amr’s district.We couldn’t keep her in the fridge anymore for the Red Cross was denied access into the district. We also don’t have electricity. Marie Colvin got martyred in Bab Amr for she was reporting a noble message;she was reporting the truth. May you rest in peace Marie and may you be in God’s widest heavens.I call upon the American people and tell them:is it possible that great America couldn’t stop Assad’s shelling on Bab Amr and couldn’t topple Bashar Al Assad?This is impossible.I say,the United States is in alliance with Bashar Al Assad and hence this is the destiny of Marie Colvin;she’s been stuck in Bab Amr for more than a week.Her corpse started to decompose;we thus decided to bury her in one of Bab Amr’s cemeteries.This is Marie Colvin (shows her corpse).May she rest in peace.God be with us;God be with us.”
FSA Revolutionary battalion reportedly completed its withdrawal from Bab Amr district today after clashes with regime’s militias for the past 2 day.Free Syrian Army cited that the reasons behind its withdrawal were “the scarcity of weaponry and ammunition”. FSA battalion also evacuated some of the severely injured civilians during its withdrawal process. An approximated 4,000 civilians were left in Bab Amr,some of whom insisted not to leave,and others who weren’t as lucky to be evacuated. Afterwards,Assad militias gradually began to approach the district from Al Tawzee’e Al Ejbare and entered Bab Amr. It committed a horrendous massacre by slitting the throats of 17 civilians -6 from one family- in the farms of Bab Amr district. Note that although the Free Syrian army withdrew from the district of Bab Amr,Assad’s forces instantly renewed its shelling on Bab Amr by a pace of 27 rocket/3 minutes. Activist “Samsomhoms” who could be followed on Twitter has reported just 5 minutes ago that electricity is back to most of Homs’s districts,except for Bab Amr and Insha’at.