Activist Abu Muaaz explains how Free Syria Army was able to gain control of AlHamdeyye district, Homs: 

Assad’s militias were gathering here. This building is a former security branch. Due to the intense clashes between the FSA and Assad’s militias,2 tanks were plundered  by Free Syrian Army. ”If you walk further, you’ll found Al Keyadeh building, where a colony of Shabiha and Assad militias are present.. Note than when the Free Syrian Army captured this area we’re in, Assad’s militias launched more than 25 mortar rockets on this building and the area behind it. (This video was uploaded on 27th February.Abu Muaaz says the capture took place on the 26th).


Assad militias continue to bombard the district of Bab Amr with all types of rockets and shells,including mortars and other rockets. Assad’s army is attempting to commit an-on-ground offensive by invading Bab Amr, particularly from Al Malaab and Insha’at sides. Internet,communication,and telephone lines are all cut off since 5 February. Yesterday,Assad’s regime cut off electricity and water from all Homs’s districts.Reportedly from SNN news, 80% of Homs has been in utter darkness since yesterday.The weather is bitterly cold and snow is falling according to activist Mulam Al Jundi; there’s an utter dearth in heating sources.

 Part of the news some activists were able to report on several channels today:

  • Sufyan Homsi on MajdTV:Homs is still being shelled by all types of weapons.No electricity & no water everywhere.We notice that Assad ‘s militias are using Scud rockets,which are supposed to be used in World Wars.Electricity & water have been cut off in all districts in Homs since yesterday.FSA has shown extraordinary nobility fighting back Assad forces,who are trying to invade Bab Amr on ground.
  • Muhammad Abul Fida on Al Jazeera:Now we’re int he 21st century,yet Homsi residents are living in the B.C era. No electricity,no water.:It seems to be like a routine for Homs residents now.Assad ‘s forces invade,shell,and kill every single day.Bab Amr is still being heavily shelled by anti-air craft ammunition,Howns,and Grad rockets.Assad ‘s forces tried to carry out an on-ground assault,but FSA bravely fought back.The humanitarian situation is in-explainable.We have some families who literally have no where to go.
Assaults and human rights violations are being reported in most of Syria’s cities. Several towns in Aleppo have been shelled by helicopters 2 days ago. Humanitarian situation is reportedly bad in several areas,such as Andan, A’zaz,& besieged Atareb. Here shown are 2 martyrs killed by Assad’s continuous shelling -Note that the first one got killed by helicopter ammunition;the latter one is a defected solider executed by Assad’s army: